Sexy Google Maps

Oh yes, it is for real .

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    Joeseph Goebbels

    Good old London!


    Stay classy Google.


    That’s nice.



    Must find more.


    lol take a look across the street at the store
    Ann Summers completes the story


    Boobs. London. What am I srtill doing here.


    Lets go to Maya to enjoy them, yeah?



    I meant to say lets go to London. I will kill self now.


    So this may be a stupid question. But how come their faces are blurry. Is that some weird face blurrer technology, or is there a Google midget empolyee magician somewhere who makes their faces blurry. Or something. And they sell really shitty bikinis in London. Remind me to bring my own when I go there. Wait a second, they don’t have any beaches in London. Is it even ever warm enough to go sswimming. So many conflicts, so little time.


    @RSIxidor: Bahaha. Let’s go to Maya. Yes please. And then we’ll maka e aplan for London. We can go by train. Sort of. And ship, I guess. Ships are fun.


    Haha oh wow, I had no idea. Ok now that’s just too easy. Going by train is cheap. The only expensive thing would be to get Joseph here to Europe. Joseph, find a solution for that. And then we can go to London. I can’t stop lookinjg at English people now. Well done, Tiki. Why do they all have such big boobs. Will mine getbigger if I move there. I dbout it. But yeah, if it’s really that easy, I’m just wasting time riught now.


    I’m going to start training by getting back issues of Bumpaddle.


    Also, a plan for getting there. Hmm. I thinking shipping crate.


    @LukeV1-5: It’s old but still funny.
    Ode to the Chunnel



    Google does have an automatic face blurrer technology. If you look across the street at the “Herbal Inn” sign you will see the face there is marked out also.


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