Music That Makes You Dumb

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    where is the Legend? i cannot figure out what the heck i am looking at? what do the colors mean? the numbers across the top and bottom where the name falls in the hight of the graph? what does this mean?

    Doc Shadow

    My best assumption is that the horizontal axis is SAT scores? Or some other GRE, LSAT related measure… don’t know many others that go into the scores shown.

    And because the picture fails to explain anything, the chart fails.


    This chart fails on account that Sufjan Stevens is ranked right below Beethoven. If this wasn’t a perfect example of FAIL graphs than I don’t know what to make of this world anymore.


    I suppose, the higher the number, the less likely it makes you dumb. Since Beethoven is on the far right. I find this very amusing. Music psychologists are the joke of the century. I also read somewhere that they think, if you listen to Lil’ Wayne, it means you’re dumb, and if you listen to U2, it means you’re smart. Yeah, right.


    Wait, yeah there they are. Lil’ Wayne and U2. I don’t know what to say any more. Unless they’re getting paid for this by various musicians, there’s really no excuse for such extreme stupidity.


    I fall all over that chart. What does that mean? That I’m an idiot savant?


    Ben Folds and Counting Crows and U2 are all so high up there… that shit is hell of banal.

    Why is Beethoven so far up, yet the rest of “Classical music” so far down?

    Jazz music is that far below… fucking Hinder??

    No no no no no, this is all retarded and clearly made up, if not just a photoshop of some other chart, made by some dink trying to elitify his musical tastes


    @dieAntagonista: It’s called a correlation, which in no way implies causality. It’s something learned while earning my degree in psychology. (I’d also like to make a quick note what most people assume psychology is, is actually psychoanalysis. I have no idea how to help people with problems, but I can run an experimental analysis factoring for compounds and an alpha level of 1% no problem). I’d guess this test is based on SATs, but what was the relating question? What’s your favorite band/style of music? It really does make no sense. P.S. My SAT score rocked (past Beethoven), but… Read more »


    well, by looking at the, its a mix of: black singers, gay singers, and white guys who fail at music

    so i agree with this saying that they all cause lower intelligence



    I didn’t say that they said, listening to those artists makes you dumb, so what are you talking about?
    Also, I didn’t assume this has anything to do with actual psychology, I was just ridiculing them.


    @KommissarKvC: What’s your favourite band.


    Wow… my whole playlist is across this chart. If it’s SAT, I got a… 1450 something or other… It’s been like 6 years or so since I took it. Somehow, I don’t think it’s right.


    “This site surveyed college kids from hundreds of universities on what they listen to as well as their SAT scores.”

    Well, there we have it. Classic fallacy. Insufficient statistics are a nasty thing, really.


    yeah, it’s really irritating me that the legend isn’t on this because I really want to send it as a link to a couple people I know…. Lil Wayne fans.


    this pic has been edited from the one on the source site.
    Had that link favorited for a while… the creator, Virgil Griffith is a genius.


    also for your viewing pleasure


    Mozart is off the chart? i’m a geeneus!!


    Really, isn’t it more saying “Being dumb makes you listen to this music”? This chart makes you dumb. Assuming you are the person who made it.


    I love how all Jazz, even though its been around more then 100 years is grouped in one tiny section, every style of it, every genre, every artist, just Jazz, like somehow even though it challenges convention more then anything else its all the same, how is all jazz the same but U2 and the counting crows not the same. EPIC fail


    I approve because I am finally backed up on the assumption that lil wayne makes you an idiot.


    @Paul_Is_Drunk: I was actually referring to their inability to differentiate between correlation and causality.

    Yes, but ‘music psychologists’ tend to be psychoanalysts. It’s a small, but important division. Kind of like marketing and advertising.


    @Paul_Is_Drunk: D’oh! That was for dieAntagonista.

    @casemods: See… Here’s the problem. Music doesn’t “make” you dumb; dumb people tend to be attracted to a certain type of music.


    fail fail fail. coincidence =/= cause. For one, I listen to every type of music. My 1380 SAT score has nothing below it so all this tells me is that they interviewed “average” kids with either very specific tastes in music or they were forced to name their “favorite” band which is pointless. I know of no one who listens to ONE band exclusively. Bono can go choke on a dick. “Intelligent” people name U2 as a band they like because they’ve convinced themselves he’s a philanthropist. Statistics are never meant to be taken seriously, ever. Just look at all… Read more »

    Alec Dalek

    Fake. There’s no way Corporate U2 doesn’t make you dumb with their lame, generic sounding cookie-cutter songs. Now Classic U2, that was the good stuff!

    Alec Dalek

    @CathyLong: I agree. Correlation does not prove causation.


    FUCK YOU, Lil Wayne is a genius


    Reggaeton should be the starting point on the left.


    kanye west is the lyrical genius! he’s the voice of the century

    Snarky Parker

    Location, location, location folks… Different places, cultures, social classes, and no disrespect to Demon, but who in their right mind would think of being so narrow minded beguiles me. I take it that most of you have knowledge of almost if not all of these genres/artists of music. Robert Kennedy once said “each society gets the kind of criminal it deserves.” Well the same can be said about music, the moods and themes will vary as a reaction to the environment. So just because some Mac using, indie cultured hipster feels that he or she can beauracratize your intelligence based… Read more »

    Snarky Parker

    Though I prefer jazz, metal, and hip hop I’m not going to let my nose defy gravity and make up a chart based on my opinions.


    @Paul Kersey: es el interneto ellos hacen this so they could feed their troll needs ^_^