Atari Adult Video Game – Custer`s Revenge

custersrevenge.jpg (65 KB)

I don`t remember anything like this, is it real?

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    Pretty sure AVGN feat.’d this


    Its real alright I’ve seen this featured on g4 and waaaaaayyy back in EGM mag


    Yeah, erotic video games for Atari were real. Most were just a really simple game that featured a pixilated naked woman if you won the level.


    Yup, real. You might even be able to find an emulator and ROM for it somewhere. Probably on torrents nowadays. I pumped the hell out of that Indian.. err Native American chick. It’s a pretty fun game to play when you and some friends are drinking.

    This game is kinda fun, in a twisted way. You play General Custer, who’s only wearing boots, a neckerchief, and a cowboy, and is sporting a huge boner.
    On the other side of the screen is a naked Indian woman tied to a cactus. You have to move Custer past a barrage of arrows toward the Indian to rape her against the cactus.


    Real, but as erotic as Pac-Man.


    @rattybad: Hey, Ms Pac-Man is kinda hot!


    WoW! I actually still own this game from back in the day. Its packed up somewhere. I think I found it at Goodwill a long time ago.