Goblin Of Peru

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    it is daytime.


    It would have been better if that Gay stick would have jumped out of the tree & started to kill those twats in the picture.


    The guy that does coast to coast George Noory’s sun is in my fraternity. It’s fucked up cause George Noory looks like Saddam Husein, but his son is a total ginger.


    It’s a photoshop of this image:


    The uneditted version was going around the web claiming it was either the Chupacabra or an Iraqi cave demon. It’s really a model of Gollum from LOTR.


    JazzyJazzyJazzHands: It’s a chupathingy!


    Coast to coast is fucking hilarious, I love that show. It’s so piled high with stark bullshit and crazy that I can’t help but turn it on once in a while and just bask in it. Their website is full of blatant shoops and bullshit exactly like this. Speck of dust on the camera lens? SPIRIT ORB FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION! A quick shoop by some internet teenager? CHUPACALOCHFOOT MONSTAH! Double exposure? I SEE DEAD PEOPLE! Noory is kind of a tool, though, and I get the impression that it’s more of just a job to him than something he really… Read more »


    Also, first person to shoop a decent CHUPACALOCHFOOT wins 10,000 internets


    Sarcastastic: I like it. Got a ring to it.


    Vrik: Looks more like a puma

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