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Yea It\’s that damn Important.

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    This. <—-(fuck yes.)


    The Best.

    Luke sei Vadder

    Exchange all the Nuclear Rockets with theese- World Peace!


    Please, please, please let the second pic be a leaked production shot from Transformers 2.


    @Senshi: A man to that.

    I love thee Guinness.


    I love the Dropkick Murphys almost as much as I love Guinness, so…

    The rats were in a tizzy
    addicted to the bone
    the hairy lugs were giddy
    they were never going home
    like a bunch of drunken pirates
    prepared to walk the plank
    they drank, they sang, they took a plunge
    and in the beer they sank!

    One, two, one-two-three-four!
    Come on all you good rats
    we’ll send you to heaven
    you’ll find the pearly gates
    in the froth and the foam
    ’cause in these vats
    you’ve made quite a creation
    a potion that turned the Guinness to gold!


    I just had a Guinness Extra Stout last weekend. The head on it was beautiful…and tasty.


    I find this amusing cause I thought only old men with beards drank Guinness.
    I find it way too bitter.


    Guinness outside Ireland does suck balls sadly. Being abroad means falling back on the ales.


    @brass: Oh god. when i go to Ireland this fall the guinness will spoil me from american guinness?! i wasnt prepared for that possibility. i.. just… dont…


    @brass: It really depends on the batch here in the states. When i first had a guinness i thought it was irish pisswater mixed with coffee. I decided to give it another shot and bought a 4 pack of the Pint cans to make Boddingtons and Guinness Black and Tans. The black & tans were awesome so i decided to give straight guinness another shot, and damn, i was really smitten by it.


    @nyokki: Awesome glad you enjoyed it, I think I’ll go crack one out now.


    How did I miss this? At first I was like “A Guinness cannon? Sign me the fuck up to operate that bad boy.” And then I realized it’s a Guinness tanker, which should be parked in my driveway.