Real Propaganda Babes!

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    Rosie is butch as mutherfukka! I’d like to show her my ‘riveter’. OH YEAH!


    “Put out your….bones”?


    I prefer the Term Morale Boosting Women !
    They were for real, in factories, hospitals, the front and at home.

    Let’s leave the Propaganda term for the negative or misleading….


    gx5000 is proof that the propaganda is working! Don’t let these bitches brain wash you.

    Just look at that Rosie whore! Her man is fighting his ass off in the war, and she’s just expanding her thighs with the sammichs that she’s supposed to be making for him! And bitch ain’t even in the kitchen!!! I REST MY CASE.


    All of these are reposts except maybe #3


    That case you just rested might come flying back atchu…Rosie don’t like them werdz… 😉


    I do put out my bones sometimes, but not because the government tells me to.


    Great, now rivet me a sammich!


    @#2’s upper body/arms:

    it’s a man, baby


    all this rosie the riveter shit needs to stop. this is like the 10th fucking time i’ve seen this crap on here in the last month. WE GET IT, WOMEN MADE BOMBS AND ARMOR DURING THE WAR! did you ever focus on the ad campaigns aimed at women AFTER the war? fuck the strong, independant woman helping her country fight fascism, it shifted to portraying women as weak helpless oven-slaves who should do nothing more than look pretty an cook for men. typical american culture, get what you want from a certain demographic, then when they’re of no use to… Read more »


    @dub_1211: Right on! I mean, just look at how highly they regard their women!


    @rompSku: AMEN!!!
    i am proud to make my boyfriend his meals as well as do everything i can to make him happy, if we had more money id stay home and clean and prepare the best meals i could for when he got home from work
    so that’s one woman’s view on feminism feel free to hate it or love it just wanted to put it out there