Protesters at the G20

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Police confront a protester outside the Bank of England on Wednesday. Police are mounting a huge security operation during the G-20 meeting and businesses have also prepared for the demonstrations, with some boarding up premises.

Its from \’s picture slide show. I thought the picture was tits.

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    Luke Magnifico

    This picture is taken entirely out of context.

    Really, though, they probably deserved a beating.

    Don’t fuck with the police. They’re angry and have guns and shit.


    Ah, fuck tha police. begins record scratching


    the dude was probably trying to start a riot just for the sake of destroying property , as so many who were there were also doing. the people who try and say they are trying to make a difference should go out and Vote on policies/Laws instead of bitch about them.

    Luke Magnifico

    Here’s a thought: why do British police have such damn silly helmets?

    Just like

    A bucket, on their head.

    Looks foolish.

    Joeseph Goebbels

    The way the police acted at these riots was the final straw for me, I have no respect for them any more.

    Also on top of that, they’ve pushed forward a new advertising (if you’d call it that) campaign. Putting up posters saying things like:


    (in big white letters with a blue background)


    Holy shit. What the hell happened to people caring about freedom of speech? Luke had similar comments on Internet-D regarding the Phoenix PD ransacking a guy’s house because he published a blog that was critical of the police.

    I don’t think the police in London did a bad job securing G20, but at the same time it sickens me to hear people constantly saying that protesters all deserve to be beaten.

    I know it’s trendy to pick on angry hippies who get the shit kicked out of them, and I know that plenty of people go to these protests because they enjoy breaking windows, but you should never be afraid to stand up for a cause.

    LeeHarveyOswald: Last I heard, there were no public votes regarding the globalization agenda. Every politician who has had a chance of getting elected recently has been in favor of globalization. You had democrats protesting Bill Clinton at the WTO conference, FFS. If people from all over the free world want to come to London to let their democratically elected leaders know that they don’t want their jobs outsourced to China, what the hell is wrong with that?

    Luke Magnifico

    suicydking: Oh! Look!


    Did you see some of the tapes from the protests?

    There were protesters throwing bottles, hurling insults, rushing at the police.

    The police. Who are just men and women, when it comes down to it.

    Now, if you were in that position, I’m pretty sure you;d be pissed off too.

    The only difference between them and you is that they have weapons and legal backup.

    By all means, stand up for your cause. But you can’t expect to punch a bear, then have people sympathise with you when you get horrifically mauled to death.

    Come to that, what exactly was the cause they were standing up for here?

    “What do we want!”
    “A Utopia!”
    “When do we want it!”


    Yes, the police are never wrong.

    They aren’t human beings, they’re the most perfect citizens picked from the populace for their willingness to sacrifice their amazing abilities to the greater good at a mediocre wage.

    Incidents of police brutality, abusing power to rape young women (the incidents in Eugene in 2003 are particularly fun), killing unarmed & handcuffed suspects…?

    All made up by those evil hippies to do damage to these wonderful creatures. God bless the police. They truly make our world a perfect place to live in.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “Come to that, what exactly was the cause they were standing up for here?”
    Are you really that clueless? Maybe they’re protesting that people have had their jobs, savings and homes taken away from them. That those responsible are being rewarded rather than punished. And that’s just the tip of iceberg. Those of us in 1st world countries don’t really see it, but G8, G20, WTO, etc. have had devastating policies in developing countries. Stuff like privatizing water companies, then making it illegal to collect rainwater in order to protect their profits.
    Throwing bricks throw windows is small time. In a different age, we might be breaking out the guillotines.

    Luke Magnifico

    Paul_Is_Drunk: That’s not what I’m saying at all. What I’m saying is, the police should not be demonized for reacting like human beings. If it had been one cop and a crowd of hippies, people would be cheering them on.

    The police are not The System; they are simply doing a job.

    reboot: Are you really trying to evade the meaning of what I’m saying?

    These people can’t change anything. That’s what I’m saying. If they were serious about changing things, they could simply get properly organized. The bigwigs in there won’t listen to a mob.

    Get political or get militant, don’t just get a bit rowdy.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    LukeV1-5: The last part of your post seemed to be dismissing the protesters’ grievances. I think they have a legitimate complaints and simply voting for someone else is starting to seem futile.
    Instilling the leaders of the world with a little fear would be a good thing. Let them know, at the back of their minds, that if things go too far, they will not be safe in their high and mighty towers.


    LukeV1-5: You need to speak to bigwigs in a language they understand.

    Nobody forced the men in the uniform to take that job in the first place, and when it’s their job to protect the people, they should do it properly. They must resist the urge to beat the people they had sworn to protect, even if they are asking for it…


    LukeV1-5: the helmets are ace 😀
    but i’m sure one of the guys on the left has his on backwards…


    LukeV1-5: Who’s demonizing them? You started out this thread by claiming the guy deserved a beating (in your words: “probably”) then claimed cops are, and I quote again: “…angry and have guns and shit.”

    You preemptively sanctified police brutality, and you expect people to NOT react to your extreme initial response?

    Stop acting like the victim here.


    I don’t know what this protester was doing, but all I know is that he’s already on the ground and bleeding from the head, and the two nearest cops are raising their batons to hit him again. It’s the police’s job to arrest criminals, not beat them. And the British should know better than to hit someone when they’re down.

    Luke Magnifico

    reboot: But…. that’s not what this is. The politicians are not afraid of mobs. That’s what all their security guards are for.

    Now, I reckon, with a group that size, it wouldn’t be too difficult to mail each one of them a plan of their houses and the daily routine of each member of their family.

    But what do I know. Clearly this has worked in the past.

    vincent.ex2: Pretty much the same point. This language is not that language.

    Why should they? When people enroll in the police force, they take up to stop criminals and enforce justice. Or because they like the uniform. They don’t sign up to stand and get things thrown at them.

    Paul_Is_Drunk: This image, taken out of context, is demonizing them.

    My first post was half in jest. But really, if this guy got a little roughed up, what was he doing to instigate that response? Singing songs?


    Again, half in jest. I’m not “sanctifying” violence on the part of the cops, but in some cases, it is necessary.

    I’m not a victim. I don’t see where I make myself out to be one.

    Wyrdstone: You know what?

    I think you might be right.


    For what it’s worth, I have seen videos of people throwing & breaking shit at G20. I certainly don’t condone throwing bottles at police or breaking the shop windows of innocent people. However, I just saw a video of a bunch of people who the cops were trying to ‘kettle’.

    These folks were standing, holding each other’s hands above their heads, saying “This is not a riot”. They didn’t want to move, because they were about to be ‘kettled’ into a very small area with no restrooms or water for the next 6 hours.

    The cops who were advancing on them did so with riot shields. The proper way to push a line is to thrust and step, repeat as needed. Some of the cops started swinging those extending tactical batons and smashing these people in the teeth with the narrow edge of the riot shields. While the protesters were, again, holding their hands above their heads to show that they were not a threat.

    Some folks sign up for the job to stop criminals and enforce justice. Others do it because it means they get to hit a guy who’s lying on the ground with a club.

    Luke Magnifico

    How do you hit someone in the teeth with the edge of a riot shield?

    They’re fucking huge.


    If you really, really want to make a difference… you protest the fuck away from the front line. Peacefully, respectfully and more likely to get heard..ily.

    If you want to start some shit, stand in front of the Students and Hippies who want to be heard but take their frustration out on the men and women in uniform as if was directly their fault, and start throwing bricks at McDonalds and Policemen

    As far as I can tell, this is how it goes down every year.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    LukeV1-5: British teeth are easy targets.


    While I understand that the police were just trying to keep the crowd from burning down ol’ London town, I cannot help but think that the officers in this particular pic look a bit…zealous, to say the least. Beating a guy down with batons and shields when he’s exercising what most people in free countries take for granted (and, honestly, who doesn’t want to dismantle a bank brick by brick at this point?) is not exactly protecting the people, is it? Also, I might be wrong, but the protester doesn’t seem to be armed in any way. The response seems excessive to me. (off to find a bank that I can destroy – brb)


    The bottom line is it`s comical to watch people protest against the economic structure that gave them all the creature comforts that they enjoy.


    The only economic structure that has given me anything is my job, which is not funded by any bank.

    Luke Magnifico


    End Of Thread.


    LukeV1-5: Right, because my country and every other free nation was founded on G20 meetings, not revolution. My bad. I guess I’m done.

    Also, have you heard that parts of Flint, Michigan are probably going to be boarded up and abandoned? I guess the people there could just vote for economic turnaround, except their mayor quit.

    Globalization for the win?


    Just keep something in mind folks. IF someone throws a hards object at you (rock, bottle) that object can kill or cause brain damage. You are going to be pissed.

    IF you throw it at me, I am most likely going to shoot you. You put my life in danger, I’ll not give you a 2nd chance.

    IF you break the window of my home, I am going to shoot you. IF I am not there, and a cop is, I would hope he would shoot you for me. At the very least I would want him to beat the shit out of you. There is not legit reason for destruction of private property by a civilian.

    Luke Magnifico

    suicydking: These are not revolutionaries!

    Or else they would have revolted by now!

    Seriously, how many G-20 summits have there been? I remember 3, this one, ’08 and ’06. There were protests at each of these, and yet nothing was achieved. The fact that there were subsequent summits, with protests, is evidence of this.

    I’m not even considering the G-7 summits.

    It does not take this long for people to be roused to rebel. If it were within the scope of public action, it would have been done by now.

    This is just…. I don’t know.

    Mischevious loitering.


    Fuck The Police


    Fuck Corporate Control

    lurk moar

    hahaha the guy to the far left


    I had a number of friends involved in the G20 riots in melbourne australia…

    Riot’s is an overzealous word. one policewoman got “injured” (bumped an already injured leg) and some crazy students smashed a window of a police wagon.

    Results of this; All the video footage was compiled and my friends had thier homes raided. They were arrested and are now undergoing trial for terrorism related crimes.

    I am not a fan of violent protest but just beware. Protest to loudly and you are a fucking terrorist.
    No wonder I stopped caring.
    Fuck the world. Im getting drunk and writing tonight.


    Putridity: Drinking and writing? My mate.

    Alec Dalek


    Seriously, it’s time to fight the power. Everyone buy your Guy Fawkes masks now. There is always a reckoning.


    dieAntagonista: Love writing when drunk. the sheer scope of the horrible things you can put to paper is unbelievable.
    I love to lost track of what I write and then go over it. Alcohol helps me bounce off the railings whilst still following storylines.

    lurve it.


    AlecDalek: Oh and for the record. In case any doesn’t know, Guy Fawkes was trying to blow up parliament because he didn’t want the church and the state to be separated. He was working for a religious right wing who wanted conservative catholic views to be enforced by law.

    Great figure head but his perceptions were skewed.


    Putridity: You just totally ruined Guy Fawkes for me. Thanks! I had no idea about the “didn’t want the church and the state to be separated” part. Just blew my mind dude. This is a crazy crazy world.


    Puulaahi: Brings a nice new perspective on the Guy Fawkes vs scientologist thing. lol

    Guy Fawkes is still great. His resort to force. just came from the wrong wing 😀



    Dope. You just got 62 times cooler. I don’t know anyone who likes doing that. Most of my friends say, doing it while on acid is best, though I’m not sure about that.

    And about the Guy Fawkes masks, I thought they used the masks because of the character V, not because they actually admire Guy Fawkes. But yeah, screw Guy.


    Writing on acid is way to hard.
    You start getting perplexed by the complications involved with grammar and then you get angry because you can’t draw to assist. So you decide to get a pen to write with but then your hands turn into flippers and you can hear the sea calling but you can’t get to it because you know that you are a rockfish and hence will sink but you don’t have gills!
    Alcohol makes you lose inhibitions about writing offensively.
    I will have to post a chapter of my book up somewhere. Most of it written whilst drunk then re-written so punctuation fits properly.



    Hey that sounds familiar.
    Except I know about those things from tripping on shrooms. Unfortunately, I have yet to try acid.):
    I don’t think my hands ever turned into flippers, but if I stare at them for too long, I can see every single atom on my palms dance. And then I look in the mirror and the same thing is happening in my face and I keep staring as if I could stop the universe from imploding by doing that.

    Oh yeah, that’s true. But I write pretty offensively even when sober. The difference is, when I’m drunk, I’m more likely to be completely honest. Which is offensive too, haha. But yes you hit the nail on the head.
    And wait what, A BOOK? YOU WROTE A BOOK? Goddamn. Remember our, cooler than dinosaurs fight. Well fuck, you’re amazing. Yes, please, post it somewhere or I’ll die out of curiosity.


    dieAntagonista: Currently writing book.
    sortof a side hobby. First draft is almost done then have to charge through and re-write the entire damn thing.

    😀 I will chuck it on my deviant-art when I get home and link it here.


    Hooray! I can’t wait.


    dieAntagonista: You actually have to. I don’t get home for another two hours…


    I’ve seen these protesting retards up close and they are a bunch of idiots who need a good smack across the head. If one was actually listen to these morons and get them not to talk in generalities, but to talk into details about how they want the world to be, you will find out how stupid they really are.


    gor: Violent protest is always absurd. So are the utopiatic wishes of the non-violent protestors. What we need is a happy medium.
    Many of the ones who get violent believe in “anarchy”. I know I used to be a practicing anarchist. But then I found out what true anarchy results as.
    Needless to say I changed my mind quick-fucking-smart. Most of them aren’t stupid, they are idealists. Which is worse.
    But even though police are defending themselves, there are batons swinging at a bleeding man on the ground. Excessive force is the issue here. Not police brutality.


    I agree “excessive” force is wrong, but people tend to forget that this picture was taken in faction of a second. We do not know what is actually happening.

    Until unbais evidence becomes known, an idealist will believe this picture supports their view that British police are a bunch of club welding thugs against a peaceful protester, a law and order person will believe this picture supports their view that physical force is needed to control violent anarchrist who are setting London buidlings on fire.


    violent protest are stupid. why fight something with violence and you will get violence back. how much centuries does it take to get in people head.


    ColombianMonkey: To quote the movie “starship troopers”

    “When we vote we are using force and force my friends is violence, the ultimate authority from which all other authority derives.”

    it is true. Until humans are either not human or extinct.

    dieAntagonista: hey Diea: Here is the link. Also a couple of other little silly stories there too.
    Anyone feel free to peruse and abuse!


    Wooo. Abuse. I’ll get to it.



    Your metaphors are fucking gorgeous.

    “He also found it strange on a mathematical level.” – when I read that, it was the exact moment that I fell for Rodney. Most excellent. It’s original. I want more.

    Although I have to ask. Is this really what you think those people are like? There is a Catholic church on the other side of my house. The people there, resemble the ones in your story just a little. But they would never go as far to do what that Bishop guy did. Then there’s an Evangelical church. The priest there is probably the sweetest and kindest man I have met in my entire life. Him and his family always invited me over for dinner when I was alone at home.


    Hm, I just thought about it a little more and I came to the conclusion that these people at the church here would never tolerate an Achmed kind of guy as a priest. As respectful as they are. I guess, in a way, they’re worse than the people in your story. Aw man.

    So is Rodney going to have a lot of sex and stuff. And tomato sauce on toast rules.


    I know for a fact that these people are nothing like this. All the characters in this story are heavily exaggerated.

    This book is completely about making people laugh and to throw a few meaningful parts in here and there.

    Rodney is not exactly a stallion and his grip of social encounters isn’t strong. But he is going up in the world.
    I will maybe upload some more another time.
    Will let you know if I do.

    😀 Thanks for the feedback. it’s good to have some that doesn’t come from friends. 😀


    Haha oh. Well I kind of just proved that these people can be even worse.
    It’s really completely about making people laugh? I thought it’s more like a, dark humour/sarcasm-everyone is an asshole- kind of story. I like those a lot, you know. But comedy is good also.

    Yeah I think it’s better that way. But that fact that you managed to mention “virginal fellatio” in just the very first part where a guy works at a church, leaves me hopeful for more controversial, uh, what do you call this. Sexual outrage. Something like that, you get what I mean.

    I have great expectations.


    the fact that* ah. Makes me cringe cringe cringe.


    usually i don’t like to get into politics cause i don’t know much or it just pisses me off.
    In holland we have this law in our constitution

    Art. 1
    Allen die zich in Nederland bevinden, worden in gelijke gevallen gelijk behandeld. Discriminatie wegens godsdienst, levensovertuiging, politieke gezindheid, ras, geslacht of op welke grond dan ook, is niet toegestaan.
    Everyone who lives in the Netherlands(Holland), In same situations treated the same. Discrimination against religion, philosophy of life, political inclination, race, sex or on which ground is not allowed.

    Geert Wilders who is a Dutch politician and leader of the Party for Freedom. I’m sure you would know him for the infamous movie he made Fitna. If you read the wiki you could see that he is against islam and other minorities.

    I recently did a project and discovered that 10% (1,64 million people) of the Netherlands are marked racist. They feel superior to minorities and believe dutch people should not mix with the foreigners.

    Last night I found out he is the only person to have most seats (25) by himself. He discriminates, and Art.1 of our constitution is there to prevent that. this guy should be locked away and still he is untouched and growing in seats. he is being such a racist and the he is using the same law to prevent that to safeguard himself. If his party gets in you know how much problems minorities like me in Holland will get? my main reason i hate people with the power. It’s like he is standing in front of me telling me “you cannot touch me while pointing his finger in my face” and i will get locked up if i act up. but he gets to be a semi-puppet master.

    Luke Magnifico

    ColombianMonkey: …

    I mean

    Your point is valid, and important.


    From whence comes it.



    trying to make a comparison with the picture.
    Allot of people might think protesters are wrong (some are) but people need to wake and get to understand that people are getting guano ass-raped in there own backyard. The white collars (who are evil) with the cash and knowledge always gets away. The same thing that happened to Atlantis Supposedly said, will happen to us also. use our own technology to kill ourself so it’s game over for everyone.




    violent protest are stupid. why fight something with violence and you will get violence back. how much centuries does it take to get in people head.

    More than has elapsed apparently.


    why are they protesting g20? isnt it a bunch of guys getting together to try to fix shit around the world?


    TrikYodz: I don’t think they were protesting the G20 summit, so much as protesting at the G20.

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