La Vaca Brava

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This is a place here in Puerto Rico, in a town up in the central mountains called Barranquitas. The waiting time is ridiculous but so is the amount of visitors, it may take up to 4 hours for you to get to sit down but in the meantime you can get shitfaced.

And the rib one is called “Pablo Mármol” which is the Spanish name for Barney Rubble.

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    yaba daba doo


    Puerto Rico, FUCK YEAH!!!


    Vaca means cow in Romanian. I feel special, somehow.


    sorry to shoot you down but also in Español lol


    @ColombianMonkey: No shit. What language do you think this is.

    Insanely Rational

    “La Vaca Brava” means either “The Brave Cow” or “The Angry Cow” depending on which definition of “Brava” you use.


    @dieAntagonista: No Toilet Paper.
    @Insanely Rational: Isn’t it if I would like to say angry cow would be la Vaca Enojada ??


    I learned “Vaca = Cow” from an episode of Penn & Teller’s BullShit when they mocked a woman who was anti-cursing so she said “Santa Vaca” or “Holy Cow” instead of cussing because it’s what her maid taught her in Spanish.

    They pointed out she was just using someone else’s God’s name in vain (Hindus) and how idiotic she was. -_-


    #2 looks like actual #2.


    That’s a fantastic source, to know what vaca means, from. Penn & Teller are the fucking bomb. 50 points for you.


    @dieAntagonista: Besides Dexter, that show is my reason to love Showtime. <3 I learned so much crap and found so many things to research after watching seasons of Bullshit.


    the see-through part on those ribs freaks me out a little


    Oh yeah. 2 Barney Rubbles please.
    @dieAntagonista: Wait, Romanian is a latin based language? Oh that teacher LIED to me. She was a little obsessed with gypsies.



    Haha, yeah Romanian is based on Latin. Oh your teacher better never come to Romania. It’s a great insult to Romanian people, when you think Romanians and gypsies are one and the same. It’s silly, but Romanians are very proud people. Which is funny because I am actually a Romanian gypsy.
    Gypsy people come from India so obviously their language isn’t based on Latin.

    What else did your teacher tell you?


    Today… I played this pc game called Wheelman and I killed allot allot of Romanians and it felt good >_<


    Of course they do. I was listening to a Romanian song just before. The woman sang about a guy who sells expensive meat without bones to beautiful women at the street market for cheap.


    @dieAntagonista: Romanians have songs about selling meat to beautiful women on the street? That is simply Awesome! I want the sauce!


    Coors fucking Light??

    give me a fucking break.


    I’d do my best to get through a Barney Rubble. The fish one is grossing me out a bit.


    Don’t remember much else. This was a teacher that I eventually came to an agreement with. I’d get a 3.4 (out of 4.0 possible)with out having to do any work in class if I would keep my hand down mouth shut and not make her look bad in front of the principal. I did the mid term and finals for that social studies class around november and spent the next 6 months doing whatever I wanted in the library.


    Is there anything they serve that doesn’t look disgusting?