Obama Deception

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Keep your eyes open America.

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    In before “fuck you racist obama is great”

    Also, i agree with this post


    America is founded on lies. Old fucking news.


    In B4 Butthurt Obama voters using week arguments.




    I think it’s too early to say that.


    Its fun to see the other side bitching and moaning, using the same lame-o arguments the anti-bush people did for the last 8 years.

    Everyone is lying about something.


    From here outside the US it seems like he just got voted in for being black and that he really hasnt had much change happen


    lol @ paranoid conservatives who actually believe all the “socialism” bullshit.


    @HeelsUpDickIn: ya, I noticed that too. People almost seemed to be in a euphoria for Obama, before he had actually accomplished anything except promises.


    @HeelsUpDickIn: As a rule of thumb, the President first report card doesn’t come until his first 100 days in office, so this is premature. And if you understand how either a.) the economy or b.) politics work, you wouldn’t be champing at the bit with comments like “he really hasn’t had much change happen” (which is shite for syntax by the way). The economy’s in the crapper; very likely you’re not going to see that turn around even inside of a year, and it wouldn’t matter who’s President in that case. Health care? Withdrawal from Iraq? Stem cells? A chest… Read more »


    @MikeBabaguh: yes? I made a typo. That will be the major factor in my argument falling through. No, i it will not be the fact that i lean slightly right when it comes to foreign policy and non-social related affairs. it isn’t because the actions that our leaders take are ambiguous at best, as in they do not represent their true alignments 100%. It will be because i mispelled week on a comment thread for some wacky alex jones documentary. @deuce: But hey it is bullshit right? Only things about the right wing are true. If you think there may… Read more »


    @Zasz: Not as fun as it was watching the pro-Bush supporters stammer their way through explaining how him doing worse things in his past than what they tried to impeach Clinton for was okay.


    @deuce: paranoid conservatives who believe in socialism? last i heard those 2 dont go together obama is just like bush, clinton, bush senior, etc etc democrat or republican, doesnt matter, 99% of people are getting fucked over either way old joke: Q: how do you know if a politician is lying? A: his mouth is open people are too naive and gullible when it comes to believing what politicians say. obama just exploited everyone’s overwhelming want for “change” by a well funded and well made psychological ad campaign that targeted just that. its too early to tell what he’s gonna… Read more »


    Obama’s favourite books are:

    Song of Solomon (Toni Morrison), Moby Dick, Shakespeare’s Tragedies, Parting the Waters, Gilead (Robinson), Self-Reliance (Emerson), The Bible, Lincoln’s Collected Writings


    He must also like pokemon too with the pokeball behind him.


    lol @ the idiots who think it’s cool to say that all politicians without exception are 100% evil.


    I sure hope weed’s legal before he gets shot.


    fuck Obama, fuck McCain, fuck federal banking fags, fuck congress. If Obama passing new law to allow searching of PC’s, Laptops, and media devices without any warrant or notice. FUCK HIM


    @ColombianMonkey: Nice f words but why you gotta say fag.

    Also, I think the congress is nice. I’m going to become one of them lawyer fags who screws with this system. Watch out.


    Lol they are greedy federal monkies and I have no respect for someone who mind soul and heart is driven by money. Good luck with the lawyer thing, hope you are enlisted after the American Revolution has ended.


    LOL > Click Here


    All I know is that Obama has broken campaign promises already like, like how he will not support lobbyists then hires them, or how he said he would not have ear marks in his bills and passed on with over 9000 of them. He has never been in charge of anything before.
    : yes he was just voted for because he is black.

    Luke Magnifico

    When I first saw this, I was like, “Obama Decepticon? Sound pretty fucking awesome!”

    But then it was just people being stupid.

    Myyy mistake.





    That is the only reason he was elected. On paper, the guy is an inexperienced douche. McCain on the other hand, was an experienced douche and sadly the better choice.

    I personally wanted Romney/Lieberman in our glorious White House.


    Wow… so did you vote for Rmoney his last time?


    Fuck you Republican assholes! MCdouche was only in it for money and you know it! Also orchunter he said he would reform earmarking. The thing people don’t realize is that some earmarks are needed. He didn’t say he would remove ALL ear marks EVER. Stop this alarmist bullshit RIGHT NOW. Fucking dumbasses are taking everything way to literally. And I want to see credible sources for that video. I highly doubt the Onion is the only joke news group on the internet. I’ve googled and the only video on the subject was from RussiaToday. Not even NBC has this shit… Read more »




    @Puulaahi: ditto IAMBATMAN is acting like a 5 year old. 1.If you want to motivate someone to better thinking you don’t do some stupid tl;dr bullshit. 2.Just reading what you wrote you can never be a Shepard or a sheep you’re just the shit that comes out of the sheep. 3.You’re using the same tactics used to express one’s personal opinion so in reality you doing the same shit you curse people for doing. Makes you look reaaaaal smart aye? 4.Nobody asked you about what you care. You oldfags getting too bold these days. 5.See how i kept my calm… Read more »


    Come on. Anyone who says tl;dr is just lazy. And please don’t get mad, but you haven’t brought up any valid arguments either. There are enough things that can be said against Obama, “spreading wealth” is not one of them. You live in Europe my friend, just like me. Compared to American politics, we’re both dirty socialists so be careful with your accusations. And you keep saying fag, I know you’re not like that, calm down. Just say motherfucker. It sounds better too.


    @Puulaahi: @ColombianMonkey:


    But on that note. I do agree with iambatmans statement,…”give the new guy a chance.”
    Let’s have this same discussion after the first 4 years. Its only fair. This country gave bush 8 years.


    Let’s not use the word fag here for anything other than a cigarette. It is a hateful word.




    Wait… Obama’s really white?


    Aside from all his bluster, I found the same thing IAMBATMAN found on this. Nothing, that doesn’t stem from that video. There are no independent sources.

    @thelotuseater725: Sounds about right. 😉


    @dieAntagonista: about the tl;dr, I think I should put not worth instead. Is cool but i’m just emphasizing that If he wants to explain something to people he shouldn’t pop a nerve. why is he getting mad? everyone have different opinions about obama or the political situation but if someone wants to express there opinion they should express in a respectable way and not in a belligerent way. I posted too fast, and noticed what i did. ~~ @IAMBATMAN: Let’s use this for example. SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY AND STOP WASTING MONEY ON MAKING THESE SHIT ANTI-OBAMA FILMS It’s… Read more »


    My opinion regarding the whole Obama issue is: Spartan frogs splitting strawberry vindaloos, watering mouse capsules until they refurbish scrotum sprockets. If quacking the speed of the mortuary can acquiesce the gerbil, then the crank will roger the macaw until every wyvern rolls tourniquet braziers into bulbous tambourines.

    There, this should fit nicely with all pro-Obama and anti-Obama rants.


    @ColombianMonkey: Well yeah, then again, you said this: “fuck Obama, fuck McCain, fuck federal banking fags, fuck congress. If Obama passing new law to allow searching of PC’s, Laptops, and media devices without any warrant or notice. FUCK HIM” I think you got pretty mad yourself. Which is alright, but let him get mad too. He brought up some good points. And how doesn’t it matter if it’s misinformation? You yourself made a statement like you knew what he was going to do and if he’s going to succeed. But IAMBATMAN hasn’t said anything about whether he thinks Obama is… Read more »


    @Silverwolf: Thanks for teaching me 8 new words.


    I wrote it sarcastically, without the pilcrow. But my point I would like to stress is that

    If he wants to explain something to people he shouldn’t pop a nerve.

    Even I reacted wrongly which resulted into this.

    Snarky Parker

    Question: if this ‘conspiracy’ is true, why is widely known across the internet? Same goes for ‘Farenheit 9/11’ and any other hyped-up conspiracy theory…

    Watch South Park episode ‘The Mystery of the Urinal Deuce’


    @Snarky Parker: LOL i just watched it lol


    At least one idea in the movie held some resonance with me. Stop blaming the pawn and start looking for the king.


    Its seems to me, from a non-American point of view, that you should all be grateful that you don’t have that Bush creature as a leader anymore– comewhatmay.


    Obama hasn’t even been in a year and this shit is coming out. If you subscribe to this bullshit I have no respect for you.

    If my “yawn” pissed you off…FUCK YOU!! If anything is yawn worthy, this is. I piss on paranoia and the paranoia followers.

    @dieAntagonista: Better a Socialist then a Capitalist that doesn’t give a shit about law, liberty and most important of all: people.


    and roofies bro dnt forget that.


    shut the fuck up about it already.
    he’s infinitely better than Bush and McCain.
    would you really prefer McCain and Palin over him?


    @Lexi: McCain wouldn’t say he would endorse Palin for 2012, though he was asked directly. It was difficult to watch.