Reasoning with God.

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Which side are you on?

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    nobody knows

    I don’t know….


    Both, actually. Why in the hell does being religious mean you don’t believe in science? Last time i checked I believed in evolution and physics/chemistry.


    Are those the only two teams? … Fuck. Our concept of God just fulfills the basic human needs of Protection (God) and Preservation (Soul) – so our perception of a higher power is grossly askew. If one exists, I’m sure three dimensional earthbound beings aren’t capable of perceiving or understanding it on any level. In the meantime, yes, let’s figure out how shit we CAN interact with and observe works. All for it. Figure out that gravity to atom thing.

    I think it was meant for people who only percieve in terms of black and white. Making fun of religion is in vogue.

    CathyLong Dividing the world into two groups is always in vogue. It’s easier to make them hate each other. 🙂


    I agree with the sunset over a body of water with some clouds. It seems to be the best option.


    Really I think that the sole purpose (at least in the very beginning) of religion was to explain the unexplainable to help us as people have that peace of mind and purpose. Everything that we are able to scientifically prove has been explained in one way or another throughout religious history. Like why are we here, how are we made and basic things like that. The greeks and romans along with any other polytheist societies had a god for every little thing from the waves in the sea to the sun in the sky. We now can explain almost anything… Read more »


    Left. “Because God says so” isn’t an explanation, it’s a dead end cop-out.


    I don’t know about you frakking people, but Gods, I’m a Cylon descendant!!


    No matter what you believe:

    The sun is a mass of incandescent gas
    A gigantic nuclear furnace
    Where hydrogen is built into helium
    At a temperature of millions of degrees



    … i don’t get it, is there some Christian conspiracy trying to disprove this? Last time i was at synagogue and church the pastors and rabbis were talking about apathy. In fact i don’t remember ever hearing a christian say otherwise.

    nobody knows

    …but i think all of you are….


    @j_bryon: nice

    they call me Dr. Worm..


    i find it funny that the science people get the less vibrant, friendly looking picture.


    @thelotuseater725: Song lyrics. “Why Does the Sun Shine?” by They Might Be Giants.


    @reptilecobra13: wtf, are you serious? So because TMBG writes a song about god that automatically means that christians do not believe in Chemistry?


    @reptilecobra13: Disregard that, i suck cocks. I wrote out the rant before i looked up the lyrics, and accidentally hit submit comment.


    As science has began to become more advanced, people have come to question the Existance of God. Science has created life and are close to reproducing human life. That’s Godly right? So a scientist says to God, “Hey God, we can create life now. We don’t need you anymore.” God replies, “SRSLY? No my son. You only reproduce life from the materials that I have made for you.” “No. Really.” Says the scientist. “I can create life.” “Well why don’t we have a little contest?” Says God. “We each create life from nothing, and the one that turns out best… Read more »


    Whatever. This is getting old.


    @nyokki: /agree


    @thelotuseater725: But evolution and physics and chemistry are all science. There’s no god in that.



    Prove it.


    I like the picture on the right because the sun’s smiling at me. I don’t care about all those words. Also it’s just a mirror image of the left side.


    I believe in science more than god, but I don’t fully commit myself to science. I worship the sun and earth itself. Therefore I am on the correct side.



    You win the thread.


    Why is the other side always dubbed ‘science?’

    It’s like it becomes an easy thing to attack when it has a name, but it is simply the not believing of something. Can’t someone not only have little faith in science and little faith in religion?

    A negative correlation, just like a positive one, does not imply causality, or in this case a mutually exclusive dichotomy.

    I believe the other side should simply be dubbed, ‘secular.’


    ahh, well, previously i was a christian, but this has dissuaded me entirely! Thank you, science!

    Lol. We arent dumbasses. Yes, we believe in science. Just not that we came from an accidental explosion of matter that had no business existing.

    But, anyways…Arguing on the internet is like racing in the special olympics…



    …we believe in science. Just not that we came from an accidental explosion of matter that had no business existing.

    Me either. I think it’s true but I neither know, nor believe, it’s true.


    So um… did anyone else realize that we DO know the reason for gravity?


    @doombuddy: Because the world sucks?


    @AtomicDragon: If the world didn’t suck, we’d all fall off?