You know the Economy is bad when…

receipt.jpg (169 KB)

…Bruce Willis has a 2nd job as a Wal-Mart Manager.

“Yippee-ki-yay, Wal-Mart Shopper!”

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    The manager at the walmart in my town is named Jamie Kennedy, not even kidding.


    The neighbour I used to have when I lived at home, looked like Bill Clinton.
    Wait, that’s not the same thing right. I need to get his picture sometime though.


    yes, but no one cares about Jamie Kennedy…

    I want Bruce Willis to manage my wal*mart. Seems like there’d be more action there if he did…


    You know the economy is bad when your first thought upon seeing this image is: “Those bastards only pay 8.6% sales tax!!”

    madhouses visites

    What’s the erased first line say – extra small condoms??


    You know the economy is bad when 50 cent changes his name to 49 cent.
    (bad joke, but fuck you.)

    madhouses visites

    Er, whatever was on the first line had no cost, damn. I’m not familiar with Walmart receipts so I have no idea what was so important that it needed to be erased.


    Die Hard 5: Shop Fast or Die Hard.
    I’m sure Hollywood is all over this shit.

    Special Kail

    i feel the “yippie-kay-aye” comment made this post.


    Did he constantly deny having sexual relations with that woman?


    Haha no, but I could imagine him saying that. They’re rich but kind of strange. Very high fences. You never know what they’re doing in their backyard. You can only hear ambiguous noises and the like.



    They sell Sparkle!

    Luke Magnifico

    The guard down at my local Eurospar is called Steven Healy.

    Unrelated, I just thought you guys should know.

    We call him Steve.


    @dieAntagonista: }}}mind racing @ “ambiguous noises”{{{


    I worked with a Cindy Williams, James Brown, Dick Clark, and a Danny Glover; all at the same time. Can you imagine the strange looks you would get if you paged for “Danny Glover please dial….” over the intercom.. Well, I did! OH and he looked like Robert Englund.