Scientific Instructions for Perv Voyeurs

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    Math is Hard


    I’ll say it again: Time to re-bomb these people.


    You shut your mouth! the man that wrote this is the greatest scientific mind in the world!we have so much to learn.


    If they taught math like this in school, kids would pay attention! 🙂

    There was another like this some time back, except the lesson was on have far to sit away from a seated woman to see up her skirt.


    NoOneInParticular: I remember that one. I’m thinking the same thing now that I was then – is it worth learning to gauge centimeters by vision alone when one will still have to adjust for height and length of skirt or is trial and error faster than the math, afterall?

    This guide must have been invented before internet came along to ease the porn-deprived masses of the world.


    Asians are such perverts….


    I see the asians are the only men with real balls living today.

    They’re pervert with no shame.

    They violate every known taboo and actually commercialize it.

    They come up with the most ridiculous yet cool tidbits of technology.

    Their percentage of asian attractive females is up to debate, but when they’re hot they take the cake.

    And the bukkake.


    deuce: Don’t even think about it… The Japanese are awesome… I mean seriously who else do you know that actually calculates the ideal angles for down blouses, up skirts and crotch shots? 100% WIN!


    Wow the amount of bad grammar in my message is amazing.