A woman, heavily pregnant with triplets, was in a supermarket. Suddenly, a man with a balaclava and a gun burst in and shouted, “Everybody put your hands on your head, and get down on your knees! This is a robbery!”
All of the customers did so, but the pregnant woman couldn\’t because she was too large. The theif noticed this, and shot her three times in the uterus before making an escape.
A couple of months later, the triplets were born. They, of course, survived the shots and grew up well without many complications.
Three years after the incident, the mother was in the kitchen reading the newspaper. One of the triplets came into the kitchen adn said, “Mummy, I found a bullet in my poo!”
The mother brushed off the comment and said, “That\’s nice, dear.”
The next day, when the mother was sat in the kitchen, another of the triplets hobbled in and said, “Mum, I found a bullet in my poo!”
The mother, again, just said, “That\’s nice dear.”
The day after that, the mother was in the lounge watching the news, the third of the triplets walked in and said, “Mummy, I -”
“Let me guess, you found a bullet in your poo?”
“No, I farted and shot the cat.”


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    I think that’s the worst joke I’ve ever read.

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