Uptown Saturday Night

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Bill Cosby and Sidney Poiter star in this 70s comedy which would eventually be made into a trilogy, the followup films being “Let\’s Do It Again” and “A Piece of the Action”.

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    Bill Cosby? Did the movie have a a sponsorship from Jello?


    Pardon me, that should be “have a sponsorship from Jello?”.


    Harry Belafonte did movies? I thought he just covered Nina & Frederick songs and banged white chicks. (+1000 internets to anyone who knows who Nina & Frederick are WITHOUT FUCKING GOOGLING THEM)


    fcuk man what the fuck? are they cartoons or all they real? I CAN”T FUCKING tell! also bill cosby used to be a baddass motherfucker that’d make yhou be like “holy shit I can’t believe that basddass motherfucking just walked into my house!” if he walked into your howuse. he was like fucking bill nye or something. no i mean bob saget. always mix those two up coz they got the same naeme.


    i can’t tell which racist caricature is supposed to be Bill Cosby and which is supposed to be Harry Belafonte.


    lets do it again (sequel to this) rocked
    Bootney-Lee Farnsworth sucka!!!