Billie Piper

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    1. Rafter says:

      Need more of her in the picture.

    2. Belbo says:

      no, the lips are enough!

    3. Tyger42 says:

      Rose! Lovely. 🙂

    4. TrikYodz says:

      who is she and how can i make her mine?

    5. Jicty says:

      She was one of Doctor who’s many assistants, the best in my opinion

    6. Luke Magnifico says:


      Is what would occur


    7. Kishi says:

      I will admit that I watched her other series, the Secret Diaries of a Call Girl or whatever, solely because she’s hot.

    8. nyoki says:

      I love the Rose character. She also did a Masterpiece Jane Austin-ish (not sure it was actually Austin) movie. It was ok, but nothing to rave about.

    9. vandal says:

      This Girl Is STUPID AND UGLY AS FUCK, She is a prostitue in her show and there is no nudity, eve though its on showtime. FAIL FAIL FAIL FAILFAIL FAILFAIFILAFILAFILAFLAIFLIAFLIAFLIAFLI fail.

    10. Jicty says:

      Ummm, WTF is your problem. you should be banned from MCS cause that is the most retarded comment I have ever read.

    11. MrPsychic says:

      Rose totally pissed me off. She got the show all emo, you never saw The Doctor like that with Sarah Jane Smith, or Ace, or Susan, or anyone else….

    12. Wicked69 says:

      @vandal: have you actually watched the series?!?! There is most certainly nudity :D. It is brief each time yes, but DAMN that woman is hawt!

    13. Annarchy says:

      Do you have eyes in your head or are you just retarded? This chick is hot (and I don’t normally like blondes).

    14. s_devries says:

      Original Billie.

    15. Kishi says:

      @vandal: There is nudity, and, what, you have a problem with prostitutes?

    16. MaiNiaC_MicHaeL says:

      I’ve never seen her before, or the show, however that is a beautiful woman.

    17. Annarchy says:

      Thank you so much! Mhm, that’s a hottie.

    18. Luke Magnifico says:



    19. Phyreblade says:

      @Belbo: Her lips are certainly luscious, but not quite enough.

      @nyokki: Well, actually I have to admit, compared to all the other Who girls, Rose was a little bit of an emo… that bit kinda killed her character a little for me. But she did more than make up for it imho, by being the cutest Who girl evar…

    20. penguin_lady says:

      @s_devries: That was one of the worst songs I have ever heard! How dare you do that to me!
      P.S. She was pretty hot in the video though.

    21. Phyreblade says:

      @penguin_lady: LOL… I think that is the point… But I could be wrong…

    22. nyoki says:

      @Phyreblade: I don’t mind a little emo. There’s a difference between being emotional and being emo. She acted like a teen, a tad younger than her character was supposed to be, but I don’t think she really overdid it much.

    23. AgZed says:

      i remember being all like holy shit that chicks hot and then one of my friends was like dude shes a total slag and i was like shes the byproduct of smelting ore and he was like no dude she fucks everbody and i was like shit and he was like yeah and totally unrelated did you know they can’t cure herpes and i was like shit and he was like yeah.

    24. Tyger42 says:

      @Phyreblade: I love how showing human emotion is a bad thing these days…

    25. Phyreblade says:

      @Tyger42: That is an interesting observation, though I believe it to be in error. Showing human emotions is not a bad thing. In fact it is a rather healthy thing, everyone does it, and it is generally recognized as a healthy thing, sometimes even when it will invariably rub people the wrong way.

      However there is a difference between expressing emotion, and wallowing in it. I don’t think that it is necessarily the display the emotion that has gotten emo kids such a bad rap, as much as their penchant for choosing to living perpetually in a despondent emotional state.

      The issue I see with many of the “Emo” demographic is that it seems as though their self worth and identity is inextricably linked to their emotional state at any given time. They tend to lose themselves entirely in their emotions, and forget that emotions are, by nature, transient and purely reactive, and that their own thoughts and actions have as much influence over thier mental state and their lives, as those of the environment they live in.

      I also think people who are perpetually in a negative state of mind will only generate negativity in those around them, and that, in addition to the perception that they are people who would rather do nothing and complain about everything, than to actually try and do anything about it for themselves, is where the animosity towards emos comes from.

      From my perspective, it is a highly illogical way of thinking. We must learn to be aware and cognizant of our emotions, how they affect us, and how to deal with them. We cannot allow our emotions to control us. That simply isn’t healthy.

      That said, my major objection to Roses’ occasional emo state had nothing to do with emos in general and more to do with the fact that I thought it was really out of character for the role.

      Who girls are traditionally supposed to be feisty and indomitable. Rose wasn’t particularly bad, except for several instances when she adopted an emoesque attitude that would normally have gotten everyone killed… At least in the old days. 🙂

      Pity for a Dalek? WTH!! Was she nuts?!?

    26. Annarchy says:

      Oh, come on. I felt bad for that pile of goo in the Dalek suit/armor. Not as much as Rose did, but still. It’s okay to be empathetic.

      And, I agree with you on the difference between being emotional and emo. I think the emo kids just like to be miserable and have found a way to get attention from their parents.

    27. Phyreblade says:

      @Annarchy: LOL yeah, sure, go ahead, feel bad for the Dalek. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. Just don’t get us all killed in the process, is all I’m sayin’…

    28. kingjason70 says:

      Had a crush on her in ‘doctor who’

    29. nyoki says:

      @kingjason70: I wanted to be her in Dr. Who.

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