Words Fail Me

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    Oh god this is so incredibly awesome. I say this far too often, but it’s like out of a movie. I love America so much.

    Lord Cocksworth

    It looks like a terrible shoop.




    Is lost, please splain.


    Papa John’s sucks, so it’s accurate.


    Economy is hurting everyone


    They had some health code news article about this a few years ago – because there’s glass between the pizza and the dead body, it’s totally legal.


    Now you know why you’re pie’s cold by the time it get’s to your door.



    There’s an ambulance for sale here and my 2 younger considered buying it and fitting it to do PC/server/network repairs and programming as well. I think they were gonna do a PC Doctor or Emergency computer repair services…something along those lines. I’m not hopeful that they’ll actually do it though. lol


    @maxcw: Is Pizza delivery and hearse all in one… Papa Johns is basically performing a public service by providing a complementary hearse for those who die from pizza related heart conditions… 🙂


    @nyokki: is the siren’s on ?? but your sons has very nice ideas, “emergency” pc repair. surely would beat geeks inc.


    Pizza and funeral service in one. Mourning people need food too. In fact mourning people need food more than happy people.


    Makes me think of Hiro when hes a Deliverator in Snowcrash.


    Cool car but how can he afford to drive it? Welcome to the new economy.


    We, as Americans, should not discriminate in our pizza delivery to zombies, vampires, ghouls, and other undead or quasi-dead entities. It is their right, and our duty to provide them pizza in the comfort of their own gravesite, tomb, sarcophagus, or other resting place.



    Pics of the ambulance they’re considering buying.


    @nyokki: Oh wow… that is such a cool idea… Do you know what kind of awesome a mobile PC ambulance would be? Of course keeping the lights and sirens and stuff would be mandatory… 😀


    @Phyreblade: Yeah, I think the guy wants $5500 which I think is about $1500 too much. It’s been used pretty hard, but ya, I agree, it would be cool. I don’t know that cool would translate into lucrative though.


    dude, I would so totally buy one of these because if you pull up in one of these people are gonna be like holy shit that is one baddass motherfucker like even bill cosbys like whoa dog i don’t want none of that shit and that bitch with the claws is just sitting in the corner crying coz heshe knows just how fucking badly heshe just got out-baddassesd.


    @nyokki: Do your sons already do mobile pc repair? If so, i can’t imagine it could much less lucrative. Unless insurance and maintenance turns it into a moneypit…


    @Phyreblade: Sort of. The youngest works for Qualxserv and fixes computers for various gov’t agencies in WV, MD and PA. The middle one tests and de-bugs software. They also have their own side business of fixing computer problems (both hardware and software) for clueless people. They were doing really well right after Christmas. They’re slowly working up a decent reputation in the area. I told them they should get an apartment closer to DC. I think that more people are going to want their services rather than buying new computers when they breakdown because of the financial crisis.


    @nyokki: Now that’s cool. That’s definitely turning out to be a growth industry these days… Me personally, I’d go totally go the ambulance route… But then again, I’m a nomad…