Kaley Cuoco

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Site needs moar her…

Promotional pics from television series, in chronological order as she appeared: 8 Simple Rules, Charmed, and The Big Bang Theory.

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    tiki god

    holy fuck do I HATE big bang theory. it’s a prime example of exactly what is wrong with the world.


    @tiki god: what the HELL man?! Big Bang Theory is REALLY Fuckin’ Funny!


    @tiki god: You my friend are too drunk to make a lagitament assumption. That show is awesome. And she is freaking hot!


    I must say, Big Bang Theory is very formulaic but I love it so. Plus Johnny Galecki is so adorable I just want to fold him up and put him in my pocket.


    Awesome show. One of the few that literally make me laugh out loud.

    Luke Magnifico

    You’re all missing the point.

    Which is, Kaley Cuoco is a really fucking attractive lady.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    Big Bag of Suck Theory.

    And while she’s got a reasonably hot body, her face looks “special.” Maybe a touch of fetal alcohol poisoning or something.


    She’s a generically cute blond starlet. Not saying I would do her, but when I’m making love to my girlfriend, I’m not fantasizing about Kaley Cuoco.

    BBT reinforces every horrible Hollywood stereotype about nerds and geniuses ever invented (not that some aren’t founded in reality, it’s just that every nerd doesn’t hold all of them, and occasionally also has some un-nerdy tendencies).


    I watched BBT S1 in an evening and S2 E1-17 the next evening. I think it’s awesome, one of the best US sitcoms, alongside Scrubs. Yes it’s stereotypical, but us geeks and and nerds relate to it so well. For example, Leonard and I have very similar traits.

    With regards Kaley Cuoco, she is pretty and hot, but nothing compared to S1E15 – Missy (played by Courtney Henggeler), Sheldon’s sister, is awesomely beautiful. You know, except for the accent.


    There are at LEAST a hundred other American shows that are better examples of “what is wrong with the world”. And that’s without even considering your repugnant “news networks”.

    At least this attempts to be somewhat esoteric and intelligent yet still entertaining.


    No, if you want a prime example of what is wrong with this world, I give you reality tv. Mindless boring shows where people willingly get their hopes and dreams crushed while all of the world watches and laughs. Big Bang Theory is far down on the list of the worlds problems. If you’re offended by the show because it hits too close to home, then maybe you need to look inside rather than blame your problems on a tv show.


    My guy friends like this show and I don’t. The humor just doesn’t work for me anyhow. The IT Crowd is way, way, way better.

    And well a geeky female, I get tired of seeing these shows that focus on geeky males trying to make some daydream connection. I agree with Tiki on this but only someone who thinks a little bit too much would.


    Look a generic American television comedy/drama show. How exciting! I’d probably watch this show if it wasn’t so formulaic and predictable.

    At least Two and a Half Men pushes the limits with interesting topics and language. This show is as generic as McDonald’s. Rather watch reruns of Freaks and Geeks.




    I’m hoping you didn’t just insult F&G because I vaguely remember that show being awesome.


    @outofocus: YES. The IT Crowd FTW!!


    @Phyreblade: Seriously! I can’t wait to see “Frequently Asked Questions about Time Travel”. It came out this week in the UK so I must wait for it to be released here or “shared” or something.


    @outofocus: Sweet… It should be releasing here in April… I’m gonna be looking out for it…