hulk vs superman

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marvel vs dc? i\’d love to see a video game

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    if hulk fucked up thor he can fuck up superman


    This is my logic here.

    Thor would kill superman, why? because he is a god… that is his power. Superman may be a kryptonian which are possibly the basis for earthly dietyism, but he is a mortal.

    Superman would charge thor and thor would open a portal to kryptonite land or something with some freaky incantation.

    Hulks ability by my interpretation increases with his rage. At first superman would be bitch slapping hulk around, but after about 5 rounds, hulk would be fucking pissed and would beat the flaming shit out of superman.

    Only person im not convinced hulk can beat is wolverine, and thats because he can regenarate and the hulk might get tired before he can kill wolverine. It would take months of fighting, but it could happen.

    tiki god


    superman is weak to magic. every time I’ve seen superman go down like a bitch, it was due to magic.

    Thor is magic.

    Thor wins.

    Thor vs Hulk though…uggggggh that literally breaks down to a science vs magic fight.

    Hulk wins, cause science kicks magic’s ass all the time, right?


    I hate Hulk & Superman. Don’t care who wins. They both are whiny bitch ass comic superheros that are overrated. Hopefully they both kill each other off.


    tiki god: Well, I shall reply to you this way, I’m a scientist. lol. Broken down the way that you say, youre absolutely right, which is kind of how I put it, I just tried to think up the physical scenario. Mexelplex or whatever his name is is the key example. (I know I put in a bunch of vowels and his name is only concinents), but ya, magic vs science, superman loses. In the face of magic, or really hard science, superman falls back on Olsen or Batman.

    In fact, I think superman loses period really. He used to be a titan, but since kryptonite came in 10 different flavors, and since he isnt really impervious, just really thick skinned, and since he relies on batman to have a brain in every major fight, superman does nothing but die. I mean, doomsday isnt even made out of kryptonite, he bitchslapped superman with nothing but a really hard punch.

    I grew up a superman boy. I still like to see a good superman arc, but in truth he has become a pansey. Case in point, anyone remember my personal favorite arc? when superman “ascended” into an energy form, clark kent became mortal and superman was a blue energy thingy? The emblem was cooler, the hero was pathetic. “blue bolt vision” “molecular solidification slam!” woops. im energy, im not very good at solidifying my molecules because i dont have any so I might as well have slapped you with a feather. It was pathetic.

    Hulk is growing on me. I love the simple struggle. Banner wants to be a good guy. He really doesnt want to kill superman, but the douche would say “EVIL DOER!” and attack him, and hulk would eventually pull out his spine.

    However I will close with this. Hulk is science. Thor didnt grant him magical powers, Banner was flooded with radiation, and that radiation changed his biology in ways we cant understand because we cant biopsy him because every time they try, he hulks out.

    Id more say that Superman v Hulk is more science vs much more mysterious, much more powerful science.

    I await the day that they make a villain whose “syringe claws can puncture ANYTHING” and he injects something into hulk that makes him un-hulk and banner gets killed and one of the last standing untouchables of the comic book universe meets the same fate that superman met with doomsday. After a hero dies, writers cant seem to keep them alive for more than a 5 issue arc.

    Puulaahi: so youre the type that perfers a wolverine? I agree that they both lack the character to go with their awesome power, but you need guys like that around to keep the drama flying!


    camusapprentice: No, I don’t prefer Wolverine either. He is rather simplistic too. I like Gambit, Iron Man, The Crow, Batman…Don’t really know who else, don’t exactly read comics.


    Puulaahi: I used to root for Gambit when he and Wolverine argued in the cartoons.

    I dont really read them either, I watch the movies and google the story arcs in between. Ive read the first 15 or so of the Uncanny xmen, I read ultimate fantastic 4 (under duress, my friend said I had to, it was aweful), and ive read some superman. I like Iron Man a lot, Gambit got a little too… undefined, what exactly does a kinetic charge mean? Didnt like batman till dark knight, but bale did him justice.


    As I recall, Hulk tore Wolverine in half & threw his legs a mile & a half up a mountain. He did crawl up to find them, so I don’t know if you would call that a win, but it’s pretty darn close.

    tiki god

    Superman Blue was actually pretty cool in a couple issues of JLA, he was adding a polarity to the moon so that it would be pushed away from earth.

    he was so zaptastic.


    suicydking: That is one of the reasons im a little mad at marvel right now. I know there have been other wolverine vs hulk comics, namely one with grey hulk, but they never have a full on battle.

    The ultimate universe was going to make a difinitive fight between them:

    They said they would have the entire arc out like a year ago, but only got 3 issues in before they haulted it. It starts with hulk ripping him in half, so everyone is thinking “OH SNAP! Can Wolverine survive that?” and they never give an answer.

    To add insult to injury, they made the “Hulk vs” dvd’s and end it with a cliff hanger where they fight for a while and end with them charging at eachother continuing the fight.

    However I think its simple. The only way wolverine would die is if he were spontaneously and fully vaporized, but The Last Stand leaves me wondering if that could even stop him because every time he was vaporized (partially) he would just grow back in a second.

    I think wolverine would survive being ripped in half. However I dont think there is anything wolverine could ever do short of assassinating banner in human form when hes sleeping, but any wound he could deliver, banner would probably hulk out and heal before he died.

    I think wolverine vs hulk is the definition of stalemate.


    tiki god: Yes, but I have the comic one or two arcs after the transfer where he spilts into a blue and a red version of energy superman, and both “sacrifice themselves” to save the world… I believe that was from the planet form of braniac. They killed him there.

    Shortly after, theres another similar fight of planets and a classic superman flys through the sun, which turns him into… again, energy, and he burns himself up delivering a fatal blow to that super-villain.

    Superman has died more times that Jesus. That’s by the Mormon definition (I used to live in Gilbert, AZ, and apparently Jesus resurrected and visited a church in Gilbert in the early 1900’s).


    I would be more excited about Batman vs Wolverine. There’s an interesting story that could go places.


    Whoops, wrong topics thread.


    Annarchy: Hmm… that would depend on weather or not Batman knew he was going to be fighting Wolverine. Drop them both into a room together, Wolvie wins, hands down. Give Bruce a week to prepare, Wolvie might be in a pickle.


    Good point. Let’s say Bats would have time to prep. A good old calling out, a duel at dawn, so to speak. I think it would be pretty even, but still have enough witty banter and back and forth to keep me reading.


    Annarchy: If I may weigh in on that before I head off to work, I think wolverine would stride into the designated arena: Wolverine: Ready to be sliced and diced bub?
    Batman: Not quite
    Wolverine: **Snikt** Too bad you dont have a choiARRRRGGGGGG!!!!!
    (Batman has shot a bat-tazer-ang and it has surrounded wolverines claws with a highly charged voltage cable, then wolverine falls to the ground where a trap hidden in the ground springs a net over him that emits a moderate level of voltage over his entire body, then a metal cage falls from the sky and encloses wolverine, then jets on the cage fire up and take wolverine back to the batcave)

    22 Years Later

    Terry McGinnis: You?… your Batman?! And you want me to be the new Batman?! Whats this under a tarp in a dark corner?
    (Wolverine is reviled floating in a tube that seems to be Bruce Waynes septic tank)
    Wolverine: **Snikt** (shocks) OUCH! Would you cut that… (shocks) OOOOOUCH!… OUT!!!
    Bruce: Cover him up, he doesn’t stop chirping unless you keep the blanket over the cage.


    That would be funny! But I think Wolverine is a bit too smart to fall for the bat-tazer-ang trick. Still, nice to picture Wolverine in a birdcage with a shock collar.

    tiki god

    I think it’s pretty easy for hulk to beat wolverine. just have the hulk rip off wolverine’s head, and have the hulk eat the head.

    I’m pretty sure that his super sphincter would be able to handle the additional mass of the adamantium skull, right? The Hulk digestive juices might even be able to break it down, or at the very least crush it.


    tiki god:
    Super sphincter! AHAHA! Nice one. I don’t think even the Hulk can break down adamantium, though.


    Can Hulk breathe in space?

    I’m a Marvel Zombie, but writers prerogative aside, DC has massive power creep. Very well written stories, but there is just something about 100+ people who can move planets or 10+ who can move at the speed of light who don’t abuse that power that just seems… childish to me.

    I know, I know… pot, kettle, black.


    It’s the Superman thing, isn’t it? How he can do anything, has almost no vulnerabilities, keeps getting resurrected. Yeah, I prefer Marvel just because of that.


    tiki god: That is freaking genious!

    Annarchy: I can see your point however.

    This is a hard one… okay, here, I can offer the fact that in all likeliness, hulk can do that, wolverine cant survive that, however I can depict a situation where that doesnt hold water.

    We dont know exactly what the rhyme or reason to wolverine regeneration is. Ultimate H v W was going to start giving us an outline, but bastards didnt finish it. I would assume that Wolverine regenerates from his head. Its the only logical thing. However, what if his power works in such a way that there is a secondary nervous system, and simply the largest remaining quantity of that secondary nervous system can recompose him.

    In that case, this is what would happen:

    A) Wolverine just grows a new head, he actually regenerates from his heart, or from an extra organ/ gland, or that secondary nervous system recognizes that the head need not try to regenerate a whole body, but the body can just regenerate a head.

    B) Wolverine indeed regenerates from his head. That head is being digested by the hulk. The hulks cells would then accept the nutrients from wolverines head, no? However, the point focal point of the regeneration is part of his brain. This cell would be absorbed into the Hulks cells. Wolverine then would lie imprisoned in the Hulks cells until he de-hulked. Then he could burst out of banners chest like chestbursters from alien.


    Supes ’bout to get pwned.


    Just to make things more confusing, I have an old Uncanny X-men Annual in wich the x-team plus Capt. Britain and Meggan from Excalibur get tested by a ‘mystic crystal palace’ that judges if a race should be allowed to continue to evolve. Anyway it all boils down to Wolverine and the BBG (Horde I think, one shot villian) and Wolverine gets his heart ripped out… BUT a single drop of blood hits the ‘mystic crystal’ and regenerates Wolverine from that. Really kinda creepy nude Logan standing over dead Logan. Will attempt to find, scan, and post.


    UPDATE: Found old issue Uncanny Annual 11 and BBG was named Horde.


    I humbly request that you scan the panels where Wolverine regenerates and submit here so that we can all see this. Please?


    Submitted, I think, sounds lame but will be my first. I am keeping tabs on this though and can post elsewhere and link if people are impatient.


    HULK would Defeat Superman

    The proof is in the pudding. The evidence I enter into submission is biased, but it should be. Marvel and DC have license to design, build and create any character they desire, each comic juggernaut has its champion. When crafting a hero truly representative of your company name, you don’t hold back.
    In the comic book world, and lets be sure, it is another world, it is the playground where dreams are actually made into reality.

    DC, and Marvel, are both able to utilize the best minds, and artists full of rampant unchecked limitless creativity, able to dream things borne of their wildest imaginings, untethered by anyone’s influence; it is expected of them to create the most powerful superhero they can fathom.

    at the very least, they have carte blanche in improving old ideas, redesigning, rebuilding, and rebirthing their ultimate superhero. The rules to be applied should be playground rules, everything and anything children can conjure in a world where rules don’t apply, Super Hero’s created impervious to every single ability an opponent can imagine.

    With all due respect if Marvel makes a hero, DC should by all rights be countering, and everyone knows they have, but they have done a piss poor job of it.

    DC’s flagship hero is Superman, Marvel has Hulk, who may not be the ‘flagship’, but he is the strongest of any hero Marvel has.

    And yeah, yeah legal this, baloney that, fuck this Coke and Pepsi bullshit, and whatever’ to the ‘no comic crossovers’. Ask any Superman fan, DC would never allow Superman to be killed by Hulk, I guess everyone already unconsciously agrees that Hulk would win. Which is beside the point that DC has done a less than admirable job defending Superman against the argument of Hulk vs Superman.

    Marvel and DC should get their heads out of their asses, admit they are grown children and best friends. And get to work creating animated movies where their champions battle to the death. They could do it, if it is about money, then there is no reason not to make this happen, people would pay to see Hulk and Superman fight. Just imagine dads taking kids to see ninety minutes of the worlds strongest titans battle, the new “Roman Gladiators” if you will, you don’t even need a story line, just the best fighting ever.

    In my humble opinion, the Hulk would beat Superman hands down. I’ve heard the arguments; They have fought before, and Superman won. That was a fan voted victory, and it was how long ago? Superman never uses his full abilities, he is faster than the Hulk, he can regenerate using the earth’s sun, he is from Crypton, he could carry Hulk into space and suffocate him, and or throw him into the sun, etc so on and so forth. You think the hulk is just going to let Supe do that? I know when I get into an imaginary fight, I win every time, but in reality ‘Superfans’ the Hulk would be fighting Superman as he attempts to carry him out of the atmosphere, the Hulks power is his anger, and from what I’ve seen, he is usually pretty pissed when he fights.

    Now, the proof I provide, are the very videos that DC and Marvel have put forth. I recommend everyone watch the five animated movies produced by both Marvel and DC, (DC seriously needs to push a little harder here) Marvel is clearly pouring more effort into building their guardian Hero than DC; Hey why not? Each camp has the opportunity to make their hero’s cooler, stronger, bigger, faster, more powerful. Marvel is doing exactly that.

    No one is stopping DC from engaging in this. Marvel knows what it’s doing. and they’ve produced four animated movies in which Hulk is showcased whole or in part as unstoppable. Avengers One and Two, and recently, Hulk vs Wolverine and Thor. As biased as they may be, these four movies are Marvels open challenge to DC that Hulk is the most powerful superhero. In each one, Hulk is virtually unbeatable, if you haven’t seen them, do so, and then we’ll talk.

    What has DC brought to the table? “Superman vs Doomsday” Superman almost dies fighting a creature which obviously is more than a little similar to Hulk.
    Yes Superman exhibits super strength, he kicks some ass, and I really enjoy his little diatribe in the end where he says ‘he’s never let loose, and how he is always so careful’. but he still gets his ass beat to within inches of his life. Frankly DC put in a less than valiant effort showcasing Superman. Did they have to do such a crap job of it? DC, its like they held back, knowingly or not, it is clear when you watch all of the movies who is really letting their respective hero flex his abilities.

    Anyone, after watching all five movies could agree that the Hulk would be more difficult to defeat than Doomsday. Undoubtedly, you can bicker and whine all you want, but Hulk beat the shit out of the entire S.H.I.E.L.D. organization, A fleet of Space aliens, Captain America, Iron Man, Ant Man, Thor (twice, thoroughly), Omega Red, Sabertooth, Deadpool, Lady Deathstrike, and Wolverine. The evidence is there, video verification provided by Marvel and DC of their Hero’s in action.

    Arguably Marvel has clearly put more effort into this than DC, but who’s fault is that? DC has let Superman fans down in this respect, they have left their “Man of Steel” to flap limply in the wind.

    These animated movies are perfect testing grounds between comic and live action movie. This is where the battle should be fought, even if they never actually fight each other, they can fight others and be showcased like never before.

    I plead to DC, even if it means redoing the Doomsday battle, Superman needs revamping, as intelligent, honorable, and respectable as he is, pull out all the stops, seriously you’re letting your fans down.


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