Emo Haircuts

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    Dude !
    I thought it was the Beatles at first and wondered who the other two were….


    That must have taken you 3 hours in photoshop, I know from seeing many a head of artificial hair.

    Joeseph Goebbels


    tiki god

    look into the Emo Punk genre, and you’ll find the examples, lol!!!!


    What fucks me off, is people styling their hair perfectly.. to make it look messy. Twats


    That doesn’t look messy to me; it looks almost too neat—just poorly trimmed and poofy, hair that might require one to scavenge a bottle of “The Dry Look” men’s hairspray from, oh, I don’t know…1985, maybe?


    i always wonder if they’re closet gay. cause i would cry if i had a dick in my ass. but as long as my hair looked pretty…


    Seems almost Exactly like every single Beetles Haircut. odd.


    Why do people care what other people look like? Emos aren’t offensive, they just sit in a corner being very quiet most of the time, about as innoffensive as you can possibly be.

    I have to say, I don’t understand them, life is great, why pretend it’s crappy? But I understand the bile and vitriol poured on them even less.


    JamesTuskGeorge: Because this is MCS baby…

    Howie Feltersnatch

    09-09-09, Emo Kid Beatdown Day. Gonna grab my brass knuckles and head on down to the local Hot Topic to bust some emo face.

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