Obama plus RUN-DMC equals…

run-dc-20090120-130306.jpg (55 KB)

This picture never fails to make me smile.

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    heh…at least Run DMC didn’t make promises they couldn’t keep. 🙂

    other than that, cool pic.


    @db_tanker: hello, welcome to America.The land of the free and constitutional rights. Vote for me of will kill you in your sleep on christmas. where have you been? under a rock while presidents are elected-promise- fail- and steal ur taxes..? wtf is new?


    @db_tanker: @Moe:
    its like you guys were expecting some drastic change the very first minute he was in there. theres no possible way anyone could have done anybetter. accept maybe reboot. not tikigod. god no.


    Reboot-Tiki ’12 !

    tiki god


    last I checked, there were only two promises that he made that havent’ been ‘kept’ yet:


    and both of those are things that shouldn’t really be in the ‘broken’ category, but in the ‘in process’ category’. it’s not like he had to have everything done in the first 100 days, which we are still in, lol.

    Hell, GWB didn’t destroy the US over night, BHO isn’t going to rebuild it overnight either.


    @tiki god:

    LOL! Yeah, it took GWB 8 years to run up a 3.3 TRILLION deficit. It only took Obama 5 weeks to run up an additional 4 TRILLION on said deficit.

    Obama IS Run D.C. – into the ground.


    I fail to understand the problem people have with taxes.

    You guys know that the government needs tax money to operate, right?

    It’s not an issue of “the Man is taking our money!”

    It’s more like “I am giving up part of my hard work so my country can function.”



    Whoa whoa, careful with those facts there, someone could get offended.


    @Moe basically what I was referring to. considering his own party is starting to show him less and less love, how much longer will it take for everyone to see that he simply has excellent oratory skills, a flashy smile, and nothing else? personally I am waiting for my Wagyu steak and wine as part of my stimulus. I guess its whats for dinner when you have the power and no conscious. Including the folks who have cheated on their taxes…of course, if it were the damn, dirty republicans in there they would have been skewered immediately and burned at… Read more »


    Who is this Obama guy?


    @foxcek: i presume you’ve been living under a rock.


    Oh hey everybody, another OBAMA post! How long has it been since we’ve seen one of these?


    @db_tanker: I think you should stop sniffing glue.


    @mini-schnauzer: Hey shut up, stop tossing around those facts. Hmm you must be a neocon evangelical who hates black people. I say this because i encourage people to be free and think for themselves…by yelling at them and belittling them for disagreeing with me. Remember, If you speak out against the democratic party you are just buying into rightwing fear mongering and are incapable of independent thought. I mean nevermind the fact that you might be registered independent or are more or less a democrat when it comes to social issues but are fiscally and morally more with the right… Read more »


    @thelotuseater725:…and if you say anything against the right?





    Well yeah it is applicable to the right wing as well. Depends on which website or part of the world you are on.


    Right…! Wait wat?


    I gotta say, this bugs me. We all seem to be clamoring for the role of political victim. Sore winners and losers. When did this happen?



    LOL! Too funny. Awesome post. <3


    @nyokki: Are you referring to peoples propensity to either deify or crucify Obama…? I daresay it was inevitable…


    @Phyreblade: Something along those lines. It seems like there’s a contest going for who’s been treated more unfairly. Everything is the other side’s fault. Not just here, everywhere. It wasn’t always like this, not to this level.


    @nyokki:Yeah… I guess people have put a lot more value on the results of this election than any other before it. What is rather disturbing, I suppose is that most of the points of contention seem rather inconsequential. Who cares who the media decided to crucify/vilify. Thats pretty much what they do. The only thing I watched the news for was to hear each candidates words out of their own mouths, and make my own determination, not to eat whatever spin the media decided to put on it. Anyone who opted to rely on media spin as a basis for… Read more »


    A fucking 500 error after I type a ridiculously long comment. Fuck you 500! Fuck you!


    Ok, let’s see if I can remember what I wrote. It’s become increasingly more difficult to separate the spin from the facts and intentions of politicians. It’s so automatic that now that smart politicians are considering what kind of spin they will use before a word is spoken. The republicans have been traditionally strong (in the last few decades) in saying what the people want to hear and appearing to do what they said they would do. The democrats handed over the issue of morals to the republicans and the republicans ran w/ it. Obama is changing that, reclaiming morality… Read more »


    @nyokki: Ok, I hear what you are saying, but doesn’t that also mean that technology has made it *easier* to separate spin from fact, regardless of surreptitious intent? Even for people who get all their information from the media, I’d think all that means is people just need to be smarter about how they parse the info provided right? It seems to me that the people who are getting blindsided are people who aren’t actually applying objective measure to the facts presented. There was certainly a lot, but a good lot of it was clearly self contradictory. All you had… Read more »


    @Phyreblade: Yes, but so many aren’t parsing anything. It;s always easier to go down than it is to climb out. If enough of the population watch only the media, that affects the ability of the population at large to be appropriately skeptical and objective.

    How many don’t even the the difference between a newscaster/reporter and a political pundit? How many understand the difference between a fact and imperative statement?

    For those whose understanding of politics, civics, government and technology is being formed in this atmosphere, they may not even know that they’re not being objective.


    @nyokki: Man… This is why politics does not give me the warm and fuzzies… :/