Check out my Stimulus package

stimulus package.jpg (63 KB)

my package also causes some stimulus

you can get the shirt at

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    Leonardo Da Nietzsche

    I hate economic humor


    my stimulus package is bigger than yours!


    I want a shirt that says “Say hello to my little friend” with an arrow pointing to my penis.


    My Stimulus packages comes in a box

    Leonardo Da Nietzsche

    @ joeyisapest
    Oh I get it now. It’s a dick joke. And here all along I thought it was a rebus meaning: Stimulus package going down.


    @Leonardo Da Nietzsche:
    You have no balls but have a dick head.

    tiki god

    oh wow, only $30 bucks?

    Sign me up for 10!


    I think your stimulus package is exhibiting a little shrinkage…


    I just got one and it reminded me of how much the Canadian dollar sucks right now! We have solid banking controls, good economic stimulus and tons of natural resources but our currency is being undervalued. At least I have a shirt with a dick joke on it now: that’s a good investment.


    Hahaha, this is awesome.