Amy Winehouse

amy_winehouse.jpg (115 KB)

Whoa, this is bad, even for her.

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    can we pretend she is just the voice and pick a new body?


    I wonder when she is finally gonna OD for good?




    Y’know the first time they ripped on her for drugs i said ” oh fuck off celebrities always do drugs”. But good god. This is just horrible. From many a friend i have learned that these trips usually end with an oblong box and a six foot deep hole. I giver her two years at the most.


    @thelotuseater725: I doubt she’ll make 2 years. Her downward spiral has really accelerated the last year or more.


    srsly, this is shooped? she looks like a fucking zombie


    Finally, she looks as bad as she sounds.

    funny she remionds me of a really bad werewolf movie. The teeth, hair,makeup and all the junk. Maybe was one of the Howling movies.

    Ammy Whinehouse–as the werewolf’s bitch


    what are you people talking about?

    she’s so fucking awesome.

    and maybe she’s a zombie queen with a plan to take over the US gubmint from the inside and start the Zombocalypse.

    also, Back To Black is a great motherfucking album


    You guys got it all wrong… she’s just getting ready for the release of Resident Evil 5 by cosplaying as a zombie/plagas hybrid. Imagine her crashing through a wooden fence with a chainsaw.


    I like her music. I do not like her. Only one person here has actually said anything bad about her music.

    Anyway, the stupid die young.


    She’s still alive? HOW!?


    What`s so sad is that this is actually one of the better recent photos of her.


    her music is ok. some catchy tunes..but she already looks like she died. i wouldnt be surprised if someone was playing a “Weekend at Bernies” joke on all of us.srsly? ick. do not want


    she should totally say yes, yes, yes already


    crack whore junkie slut bitch trash. Die already you drugged out hag


    here’s what’s going though her head
    “mmmmm more crack”



    This picture does wonders for my self esteem.

    I feel awesome now.





    she is so jewish that she not only applies her races “I do what I want” attitude to drug use and refuses to quit because that would be obeying government rules and not her own, but also refuses to die from drug overdose because that would be following the Grim Reaper’s rules instead of her own


    so wait answer me this: if she smokes so much nobody bust her? no arrest?



    I think you would like her actually. She is even more racist than you.


    The album is great, that’s true.

    teezy weezy

    Die you junkie whore.


    All these people telling her to die make me feel really uncomfortable. On the other hand, it’s seriously cool when people call you die, so I shouldn’t complain.


    Ignorant byotch. Great example of “pop culture”
    (an oxymoron, of course). Darwin was right.

    “she’s so fucking awesome – start the Zombocalypse.”

    lol, right: be anhero…
    “You see, Tuco, there are two types of people
    in this world … those with guns, and those who dig.”


    @dieAntagonista: I’m not calling for her to die. Her blatant lack of self control, addictive drug use and lacking of caring for herself simply makes me think that her dieing is inevitable. But that’s just me.


    @Puulaahi: Haha I know. I was just kidding, since everyone calls me die. Whose death isn’t inevitable? But I do get what you mean. I seriously couldn’t care less. There are a lot of people who lead far less honourable lives than her. Yet people judge only personalities like her so harshly, because you can see how bad she’s doing just from looking at her. So what. And I think people who say things like, she should die already, are far uglier than her. Or that’s how they present themselves, anyway. That’s what society has been taught to do, judge… Read more »


    Somewhere is a beautiful portrait of her, hidden away from the world.


    @dieAntagonista: What she is doing to herself is just so tragic. Like wasting her talent all because of an addiction to drugs. I ment inevitable as in she is going to die sooner then everyone else because of her drug use.

    I agree with you completely about people being more pathetic then she is that wish for her to die.

    I totally missed your pun joke. lol



    I know you meant she’s going to die sooner, I was trying to be funny.

    Don’t worry, I got enough cheap jokes in my pocket for ya.


    Best comment, nyokki wins the thread.


    @dieAntagonista: I’ll pay you a shilling each or is that too much? lol


    she’s definitely circling the drain


    If this isn’t a good enough reason to be proud that you stay sober/don’t use drugs, then I don’t know what is.


    so sad. she is such a good singer/songwriter but she is also obviously totally twisted on drugs and alcohol. probably she was to young for all these showbiz shit. and yes, this pic is really bad, even for amy.


    There was a time when I would have fucked the shit out of her, too.