GTA IV L&D DLC Retail Package

gtal&ddlc.jpg (269 KB)

Just got this from GameStop tonight. Comes in a nice box I can put on my shelf and a new poster. Alot better than an online transaction…

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    The Xbox gods hate gamers. Yep, mine is still broken. To the point I don’t give a shit about new games. In this one you are in a biker gang. Correct?


    Poster which is useless and will put any woman off you and the box looks like any retail box for any normal PC game. I’ll stick with digital downloads, at least then I can get brownie points for having less recycling to do with shite posters.


    the worst gta episode imho


    I think this is actually a pretty cool story – especially how it fits into life of Niko. It reminds me how much I actually do enjoy this game. I’m at around 70% complete (on this game) and I’ve loved every minute of it.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    BEST GTA ever. No question.

    The multiplayer is amazing. I bought this Feb 17 since it came out at 3am I waited until a little after but some people stayed up for it.

    Only complaint: multiplayer they gave the helicopters exploding rounds. Makes it easy to wipe out an entire team and there’s no way to bring the stupid things down cause no more rocket launchers (replaced with grenade launchers which suck).


    Is the chick form this poster actually IN the game this time? -_-


    I hope they release this to the pc and ps3, would be silly to make it xbox360 exclusive.

    Alec Dalek

    @djpeezee: Sorry, it is Xbox 360 exclusive. There just aren’t enough PS3’s out there to make a profit from porting it.


    GTA franchise has really gone to shit like all the other games. “libery city stories”, “vice city stories”

    Are they actually games, or just crappy addons to get money from idiots?