Forever costs more & more

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The price of a US postal service first-class stamp will rise to 44 cents on May 11, 2009. Bell shmell, they\’re still a really boring.

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    The US postal system needs to be revamped, seriously. It bleeds money.


    I wish I could bleed money. I’d be the richest emo kid in the world. Just be like “Hm. I need a new car.” *slice slice slice*


    The government wants yous moneys.


    Hey, USPS, here’s a tip: Rather than gouging the normal guys more and more, stop giving companies massive discounts to send out fliers that 99% of the time go straight into the trash.


    @Sticky: Shoot If I could bleed money i’d set up my own personal blood bank… (Every possibly pun intended) 😉


    Well going to go buy about $500.00 worth of forever stamps. AND when the price is like $5.00 a stamp ( Which is like next year sometime I bet. ) I’ll start selling them at $3.00 a piece and make a killin. LOL


    @mykyl: Exaggeration aside, that’s a pretty good idea considering how they’re marketing these stamps as “buy them now, use them forever


    Still, 44 cents aint bad. If somebody gave me 44 cents and said ‘take this letter to Florida’ I’d tell them where f&*k off


    It’s called inflation, people. Suck it up or GTFO.