Superman vs. Batman

bats-vs-sups.jpg (108 KB)

Who really got pwned here?

Think about it.

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    What would really happen if two fictional characters…

    People are dumb. What would really happen is that the publishers would lose a load of fans and money.

    Luke Magnifico

    Batman replaced his brains with kryptonite.


    Why is Superman yelling Shazam? Isn’t that Captain Marvel’s yell?

    teezy weezy

    And superman is gay so would rather kiss than kill batman.


    @teezy weezy

    now to the age old question, wouldnt superman kill batman with his penis, he would have to have some kind of kryptonite condom and that would kill. So i guess would batman be the bear?


    superman is a homo


    @JamesTuskGeorge: Hear that whooshing noise over your head? Yeah, that was the point.


    Saw the original months ago & saved it; can’t recall the origin:

    Looks like someone inked it over & got rid of the rest of it.


    batman wouldnt go in without a plan he obviously had some kryptonight to fuck gaymans shit up


    Ref to the bottom of that link, Batman would surely get his ass whooped by spidy
    sups would thouroghly beat him

    @Omit: who says that batman was planning on a punch to the face?
    how do you know he was even planning on fighting?
    batman fanboy.

    Luke Magnifico

    Batman is essentially Tony Stark, if he left the Iron Man suit at home, and went and got some actual talent, and had sex with some women.

    Alot of women.

    Luke Magnifico

    Basically, I’m saying Batman sucks balls.


    JL: The New Frontier makes Batman seem like a pedo, but the line around 2:30 is great. Kinda ties into this argument.


    never would have happened. Batman would be wearing a Kryptonite costume. he’d bend Superdouche over and use him like thew bitch that he is….


    Superman would see Batman from 1,000 miles away, fly at him at supersonic speed, fly *through* him before the Kryptonite affected him, and zoom away giggling, covered in Batguts.

    Gary Generic

    @TrikYodz: Batman has beaten Supes 3-0, not counting non-canon elseworlds, etc. Superman is a boyscout. Bats needs only ask for a lawyer and Superman desists aggression…then gets his superass kicked.
    And Batman always has a plan.
    @LukeV1-5: Not only does Bruce get more women, but he gets higher class of woman.


    SHAZAM! wait… isn’t that another stuperhero altogether?