Darwin Vs Truth Emblem

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Is what I do every time I see one of these!


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    what is what you do every time you see one of these?


    he eats a fish with legs every time he sees one?

    Luke Magnifico

    They’re the most delicious kind.


    And verily the Truth shall vomit forth Darwin.


    ah but the Truth is that the Flying Spaghetti Monster, in his infite wisdom, touched Darwin with His Noodly Appendage and filled him with the knowledge of that He created, in order to lead us into a new age of understanding.

    Teutonic Logic

    nothing smarter than figthing the culture wars on the trunk of your car.


    Funny thing about that emblem: It’s actually illustrating Darwinism. See, in the Christians’ mind, their “truth” is more fit than Darwinism. Thus, the “fittest” survives.


    Tyger42: please don’t talk anymore.

    Luke Magnifico

    Tyger42: Wrong.

    The official Vatican position on Darwinism is in support of it.




    draikyn: RAmen


    LukeV1-5: Don’t you dare try to bring facts into this!

    Luke Magnifico

    Kishi: That’s it, no one talks about my mother that way!

    Let’s take this outside!


    I’m waiting for the inevitable Xians vs. Athiests war that will start over some a$$hole’s stupid bumper sticker.


    qui gon taught me
    theres always a bigger fish


    LukeV1-5: This is true, though very, very recent. I’m still wondering what really prompted the announcement, and why they finally came to this conclusion now…


    endotoxin: athiests have no reason to war.



    Well for the truth is that a lot of christians and christianity in general have accepted evolution as a plausible/definite way in which God created life. A few years ago about 10,500 clergy signed a bill calling for the church to recognize evolutionary science as factual. science. atheism.about.com/b/2006/02/12/strong-support-for-evolution-among-american-clergy.htm

    For the most part the whole Anti-darwinian movement is largely a 20th/21st century thing. the 1920’s was when it began gaining momentum from Evangelical nut-jobs and small town tyrants.
    For a good article on the Anti-Darwinian movement and the growing number of Christians who accept evolution as scientific fact and theological plausibility i recommend this. www.thirdway.org.uk/334


    ColombianMonkey: I would like to point out that I didn’t specify WHO was the a$$hole. Just that there’d be one.

    Also, I know a lot of Athiests with axes to grind. (I’m one of ’em.) Not that I’d start a war necessarily…


    ColombianMonkey: You know that’s what I thought along time ago… But I know better now… Some of the stuff I’ve seen some atheists saying is as broad and senseless as a religious extremists rant…

    Thanks for the links… I’ve personally never believed there should be any inherent problem with believing in both simultaneously, but I’ve encountered so many flawed, illogical and simply superfluous arguments against it by folks from both sides of that topic, I don’t believe the argument really has anything to do with the issue itself any more…

    endotoxin: Actually I think that’s part of it. There are so many *militant* atheists these days. First they say theists are dumb and believe in fairy tales, and now they seem to have declared the aheist equivalent of a Jihad on theism…

    None of them make any sense to me any more…


    I’ve seen an even sillier one. It went something like “Legs that walk have knees that will bow” and showed a Darwin fish kneeling before the Jesus one. Stuff of legends.


    Phyreblade: You know, I keep hearing about these massing hordes of militant athiests, and I just haven’t run into them. A few very insistent ones on forums like this one, a few rebellious 18 year olds just out from under mommy and daddy’s roof for the first time. One or two showing up in any discussion of church-state separation cases, but really, that’s about it.


    WistfulD: You haven’t run into any of the hard core Atheist types? The ones that advocate the total abolishment of theism of any kind? The ones who consider any display of religion a personal affront? Who blame religion for every ill of mankind? The ones who are mad, and aren’t going to take it any more? LOL… I run into them all over the place… 🙂

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