Dad at 13!

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    70 Responses ttto Dad at 13!

    1. partizan says:

      bloody little wanker

    2. Tamarocker88 says:

      friggin idiots…. I’m glad that’s not me, and I”m 20!!!

    3. Halfmad says:

      Well seeing as there’s a paternity claim by 3 other boys I wouldn’t say it was certain that this is that boy-childs baby. Is it just me or does that ugly/stupid looking girl look awfully like Shannon Matthews mum? The one that kidnapped her own daughter?

    4. wartoaster says:

      NOT saying anything to be taken seriously here, (i mean, it IS the internet) but isnt the Sun the UK’s Weekly World News?

    5. Luke Magnifico says:

      This is true.

      He doesn’t know how he’s going to support the baby, because he doesn’t get any pocket money, but his dad gives him a tenner every few weeks.

      That is also true.

      Kill ’em all, I say.

      Burn, and bury the ashes under the sea.

    6. RSIxidor says:

      I’m gonna be honest with you guys. I would fuck the mother. She ain’t great looking, no, but yeah, I’d fuck her.

    7. harleyenpointe says:

      Hehehe… you can almost see the ohshitohshitohshit in the boy’s eyes.

      And I do love how the pictures really stress the fact that they’re like any other teenagers. Oh yeah, we have a baby, but we still play video games and stuff. Bullshit! Have fun with the rest of your childhood!

    8. maggot5858 says:

      dude…where the hell are this kids parents? if i was his parent id say well to bad for you whore raise the damn thing your self oh temptress then i’d smack him

    9. Tardex says:

      I feel like a pedophilia case may have some merit here, because she sure as hell isnt 13.

    10. artation says:

      I find it even more amazing that they can play Playstation with the wires snipped off of their DualShock controllers 😉

    11. Vrik says:

      @artation: Is it not a PS3 then?

    12. wakky says:

      @vrik: ya, those ARE ps3 controllers, you can see where the little cord plugs in to charge them, im at my friends all the time and hes got one

    13. Teutonic Logic says:

      That kid doesnt look like he has gone through puberty at all. And as for her, man does she have a pram face. I wouldnt be surprised if this wasnt her first time pregenant.

    14. Puulaahi says:

      That kids skipped masturbation and went straight to the sex.

      The world is so fucked up.

    15. beep beep says:

      @killing_loneliness_58: Apparently, the boy’s dad already has 9 other kids and the girl’s mum has 6. So…fertility runs in the family.

      If I were her mom I would slap her in the stupid slut face and kick her out on the streets. But then again, I am never having children because it is empirically proven that they suck a lot.

      “Idiocracy” was a documentary.

    16. Luke Magnifico says:

      @Tardex: She’s 15.


      They best not be playing Bioshock, or Dead Space.

      One surprising necromorph, and that baby is going to go flying.

    17. sickmindedone says:

      This kid is going to grow up to be Dax Shepard’s character in Idiocracy. Go away, ‘baitin!

    18. Teutonic Logic says:

      I had a baby at 29 and that took some time to embrace. I cant possible imagine what is going through that kids mind. I heard the parents (or course divorced) of the proud pop were in bitter competition to sell the story for as much as possible. So it looks like the whole family is really taking the birth with the right mindset.

    19. deuce says:

      All I can say is… way to go, kid! Man, I wish I were fucking around at that age. But noooooo, all I had was my goddamn hand.

      The only fail here is that the kid is owning up to it. Maybe he’s too young to know you’re supposed to GTFO.

    20. Dreth says:

      I’d trade the baby for a big ICEE.

    21. Teutonic Logic says:


      I dont know if I would liquidate her. She has got some nice titties and but man does she have a dull face. In fact both of these kids look very British in the face.

    22. maggot5858 says:

      @beep beep: ya i’d kill both of them, how much more FAIL can we add to this???

    23. Luke Magnifico says:

      @deuce: Yeah, dude. Especially if there are 3 other guys going for paternity.

      I’d be like, “Yeah, it was totally… that guy, the one with the hair. I was there at the time. I totally saw him do it. Bake ‘im away, toys.”

      And then I would run, I would run so fucking fast that not even the girl’s angry, angry father could catch me in his Ford Mondeo.

    24. token2k6 says:

      @Teutonic Logic: I’d like to go motor-boating british or not!

    25. mini-schnauzer says:

      Nice jugs.

    26. teezy weezy says:

      Chav scum, death to them all.

    27. Teutonic Logic says:

      @teezy weezy

      Yeah the boy looks like such a typical Chav, I am almost certain there is a burberry patterned ball cap in his future.

    28. Heavypat says:

      I always like thinking about when the baby gets to be 13 and starts having kids of its own…being a grandfather at 26

    29. orchunter says:

      is that his sister?

    30. Drew says:

      She probably told him she was on birth control!

    31. Teutonic Logic says:


      She probably told him she wasnt but as long as he pulled out things would be fine.

    32. Drew says:

      @ Teutonic Logic
      And things are fine!

    33. Teutonic Logic says:

      @ drew

      Well either way, clearly being able to pass up the creampie is the key and this kid couldnt do it. Can you?

    34. Hazard says:


    35. outofocus says:

      The mother of presumably the daughter (mother of the baby), looks like she’s spent a lot of time crying recently.

      That boy looks younger than my son who is 11. Freaky. If my son gets someone pregnant at 13 I’m going to hit him with a belt… a lot.

    36. Drew says:

      @ Teutonic Logic

      Can I creampie or can I have a kid? What are you asking?

    37. naturalK says:

      it’s a fake imho, he’s not the father. All the thing is made up for earn money from press and interviews.

    38. Teutonic Logic says:

      @ drew

      I’m asking if you can pass up the creampie. This one guy I know named “Nick the Dick” cannot pass up a creampie not matter what, even if you told him that this specific creampie will lead to a child he would do it. And this nick guy is not crazy about kids. Some guys cannot pass up a free lunch.

    39. outofocus says:

      @naturalK: I don’t think it matters. Boys are capable of making babies at 13. Even if this is a fake, there are real situations of this sort.

      A quick google states that this is a real situation though:

    40. Drew says:

      @ Teutonic Reason

      “Nick The Dick.” I’ve heard of him before. He won’t pass up creampies albiet anal or vaginal.

    41. Teutonic Logic says:

      @ drew
      well the thing with “Nick the Dick” (NtD) is that he gets so caught up in the moment that it is worth it to him no matter what, you could safely say he has a creampie addiction. A creamaholic.

      You still didnt answer my question.

    42. clawoo says:

      Imagine the pressure on this kid when he grows up. His father will be like “when I was your age… fuck, I fucked your mother before I got anywhere near of drugs”

    43. clawoo says:

      @beep beep: “Apparently, the boy’s dad already has 9 other kids and the girl’s mum has 6. So…stupidity runs in the family. ”

      There, fixed it for you.

    44. SnowFarmer says:

      This has got wrong written all over it, all the children suffer the most. The parents (the over 18 ones) should be responsible on all accounts.

      First question? Does the dad (kid) have to get his homework done before he can go see his kid at the mothers house?
      Second question: Is the lil dad still hittin’ it?

      New meaning of SexEd class at 13. And damn he was getting some at 12?

    45. Drew says:

      @ Teutonic Reason

      My answer is YES I can pass it up.

    46. aarpie says:

      *cocks shotgun* Weeelp… time to go cleanse the gene pool…

    47. token2k6 says:

      @ Drew
      @ Teutonic Reason

      You’re right, I NtD cannot pass up a good creampie. that is perhaps why i’ve fucked and creampied so many women.

      Passing up on creampies is not something one should be happy about, in fact, that person should hold their head in shame especially when their fiancee is a hot, thin, sexy (albiet, not blonde) knockout.

      Knowing you can creampie with something as simple as birth control pills, but choosing not to use those pills and not to creampie is a waste…

    48. Teutonic Logic says:

      @ token

      you bring up a good point, and I feel like the comments forum of MCS is a perfect place to explore the philosphy of creampies and creampieing. 1) I think we can all agree that a creampie is the ultimate expression of love and it should be greeted with the utmost gratitude by the reciever of such a hot messy gift.

    49. Drew says:

      @ Token @ Teutonic Reason

      Guys – do you think I want to NOT creampie? It’s not even real sex in my book if you can’t. I’m working on it. I just don’t want kids. I know you both want like 50 kids each but I don’t!

    50. Teutonic Logic says:


      I dont think anyone here is trying to argue that coitus that doesnt specifically end in a creampie should technically constitute sex.

      I dont care if you have kids or not. I’m not putting a gun with cum-filled hollow point bullets to your head saying you need to have 8 kids and get plastic surgery to look like Angelena Jolie, but I guess I am just sad because i can imagine each and every missed creampie out there that you have left on the field.

    51. Luke Magnifico says:

      @Drew: Dude, I want at least 200. To start with.

      Keep ’em in the back yard, train ’em up real good. Keep aside maybe 20 for security. Raise a few females to optimum breeding age. Breed them off eachother, get a proper renewable resource of children going. Take about 30 aside for every 100 born, grind ’em up, feed ’em back into their siblings. You want to keep it self sufficient, you know?

      Eventually, you end up with a free source of children. These can be sold as guard dogs, or slaves, they can be shipped off to Japan fer makin’ soup out of…

      The possibilities are endless.

    52. dhg4983 says:

      I think an obvious question that has been overlooked is why exactly this girl was with this boy. I tend to side with the others above that say this is a hoax. That kid does not look like he can get his seed out now, and especially not like 8 months ago to create the kid. I just dont think that particular kid is capable of fathering a child. Though I know that some 13 year olds are sexually mature enough to concieve this kid isnt one of them. And if he is this girl needs to go to some therapy because thats like pedophialia.

    53. Phyreblade says:

      @LukeV1-5: Errrm… I think you’ve watched “Unleashed” one too many times…

      @dhg4983: The thing is, it is possible for a 13yo boy to have a kid, even though it is unlikely. So far as pedophilia is concerned, they are only two years apart in age. He’s 13, she’s 15.

      They are both too young to know better, but both old enough to be engage in a little sexual experimentation. I don’t think you can’t honestly make a pedophilia case of it, since they are both underage. But I’m still not entirely convinced.

      I’m going to suspend my belief until after the paternity test. The story did make it into “The Sun” after all…

    54. dhg4983 says:


      reread my post I acknowledged that it is possible for a 13 year old to get somone pregenant. I said i didnt think this one is able, look at him he looks pre-pubecent, in fact he looks like he is 9 or 10 and that is why she is a pedo. They are only 2 years difference in age, but she is far more phsycially mature and so i think it is pedo case because she is into a boy who is prepubecent. And besides if you had read my post i didnt call for a case I said she needs therapy.

    55. Phyreblade says:

      @dhg4983: No, I’m not entirely convinced he did it either. (I said so in my post but I guess it wasn’t entirely clear what I was talking about.)

      The thing is, pedophilia, as defined by the law, is determined by age, not appearance. Peoples appearance can be deceptive. I don’t particularly like it, as maturity is not entirely a function of age. But it’s the easiest to apply, so that’s often the way the law is written.

      In addition to that, pedophilia, as defined from a psychological perspective, implies a predisposition towards serial sexual relations with multiple prepubescent victims. There is a big difference between that, and a person who engages in opportunistic sexual intercourse with a single prepubescent individual.

      People are too quick these days cry “pedo!!” without really understanding what makes a pedophile a pedo.

      So I disagree with your opinion that the girl is a pedophile. Based on both the psychological and legal definition of pedophilia, and the known facts of the case, there is insufficient evidence for one to reasonably make that claim.

    56. dhg4983 says:

      @ phyreblade

      Fair enough on the definition of pedo behavior

    57. nyoki says:

      I don’t want to be a grand parent at 45 and have warned the kiddies that I would be mos displeased. ;<)

    58. nyoki says:

      @Phyreblade: It’s inyeresting how people perceive age -v- sexual and emotional maturity. I was 16 and hybby was 23 when we first met. I met him in a bar (lol, I know) and he made me laugh. I was easily his elder in some areas while he was clearly more experienced in the world. We had both lived in Europe and that seemed to be a big deal for me (that I hadn’t realized before then). His mom hated that he was dating jailbait (her words) and mine hated that I was dating a ‘biker’. It was love at first sight (lol). On the 21st of this month it will have been 28 years since our first ‘date’.

    59. nyoki says:

      I’m not gonna fix every typo. I really really really need some sleep. I’m sure y’all figure it out.

    60. Phyreblade says:

      @nyokki: Daganabbit Nyokki I can’t make heads or tails of all that gibberish you spewed up there…!! Pfft… I had to get my squirrels to translate for me… 😛

      6 years isn’t that bad… And you were jailbait…? LOL… I’m sorry…. I don’t know why find that funny… 😀

    61. nyoki says:

      @Phyreblade: I took a nap, so I’m feeling a little more rational and coordinated now. We’ll see how long it lasts.

      Besides, the Y-key has a special place in my heart.

    62. Phyreblade says:

      @nyokki: LOL Yeah, You just went nuts with that “y” key didn’t ya… I think you need to lay off the “y” for a while Nyokki… LOL

    63. nyoki says:

      @Phyreblade: The Y-key likes the abuse. That’s why it keeps moving around the keyboard, so that no matter what key I hit, I hit it.

    64. nyoki says:

      @Phyreblade: I think it’s jealous of the T-key.

    65. Phyreblade says:

      @nyokki: You use handcuffs on the T-key don’t you…

    66. nyoki says:

      @Phyreblade: Shush. The Y-key is listening.

    67. Chenoan says:

      She has a smirk like meg from disney’s hercules.

      yeah…strange first thought but YOU KNOW =D

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