World of Warcraft

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    This is funny because it is true.


    And it’s worth every cent…

    Oh, no, not to me, I don’t play WOW, I’m just sayin’… 🙂


    The exact reason I don’t play WOW. I enjoy sex far too much. 😀


    Warhammer online is better anyway!


    @Putridity: If it was a Warhammer 40k MMO I’d play it. Or if Blizzard made a Starcraft MMO, I’d play that too. I’m just not that into the medieval/fantasy stuffs as much as scifi.


    @hvymetal86: Agreed. Sopeaking of those types of games. How much did Battelfield 2142 kick arse! also you need to play unreal tournament 3.


    there is a 40k mmo in development atm but it wont even get any proper news releases for a year or 3


    @Putridity: Used to play 2142, got a bit bored of it as all my friends/clanmates stopped playing it, but its about time to go back as I kinda miss it now. As for UT3, I love the original UT, and 2k4, but my current comp can’t do UT3 or most of the newer games. The comp I’m building right now will be able to though, it’ll be done by the end of the week. core i7 940, EVGA x58, 6GBcorsair Dominator DDR3 1600, Sapphire HD4850X2, 4 WD 1TB drives in a RAID 5, velociraptor for OS, corsair 1KW PSU, thermaltake… Read more »

    Gary Generic
    This is me and my ex. We used to play WoW for hours (days).

    WoW = also fun with chicks.


    My gf plays WoW with me and we have sex plenty. Not true for everyone.


    WoW users should be castrated.

    Gary Generic

    @Dreth: Say that to my face, fatass?


    @hvymetal86: OM NOM your pootah


    @Dreth: Sensing a little animosity towards WOW players man… any particular reason for all the hostility?


    Too bad this didn’t come out 20 years ago… would have saved me a lot of heartache and money over the years¶
    @Dreth: Who pissed in your wheaties?