China lantern festival gone wrong

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Chinas lantern festival gone wrong. to see the events leading up to this check out

for the rest of the story

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    Cloverfield 2?


    You mean a building was completely engulfed in fire and didn’t collapse? Funny how I thought a building that was only partially on fire would collapse. (yes I’m stirring the pot)


    @rafter: And yes, clearly you are profoundly fucking retarded.


    And you are clearly an American.


    : And I guess that makes you an over achieving Euro-DOUCHEBAG???

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    So glad you took a break from sucking those dicks long enough to post.


    remember that 4/10, 6/25 or even 8/20 could be the next 9/11

    tiki god

    a half built building that didn’t have very much flammable shit inside it.


    I’ve fallen in love w/ Their pics are fantastic. You gotta hand it to the Chinese, they know how to throw a party.


    @Alfalfasprouts: Nope, it makes me a skeptic.


    This one was not drenched in jet fuel. Plus.. they learned some shit from that event.


    Looks like something out of Blade Runner.


    @rafter: It was a full load of jet fuel that caused the trouble in NYC, not the fire by itself. Building materials burn at a low temperature. Jet fuel will make a FAR hotter fire. Don’t you watch “Destroyed in Seconds”? 🙂


    Jet fuel doesn’t burn at a very high temperature, structural steel would and does LoL at those temperatures.


    the gas from MCS’s ass burns at those temperatures..


    Wow. Lot’s of rational discussion here.

    “You are the ones who are the ball-lickers!”

    Personally, I like to punch people in the middle of debates. Sure, I lose the contest, but at least people realize I’m not scared to fuck people up if they’re disagreeing with me. A back and forth on points of contention? Please. I’d rather teabag them while they’re lying on the ground.

    That’s how I got through college. /sarcasm


    @colonel-yum-yum: the Cloverfield Monster? In Japan? Impossible. Gojira would have a field day with it…


    @Phyreblade: Its China dude not Japan. Essentially the building next to it which is generally referred to as the underpants building is where CCCTV is HQ’d. They had a celebration and the people they hired to do the fireworks didnt get a license for the size they shot into the sky. And the building next door. Cue lots of laughter in HK but some dudes are fucked as its a govt owned building just rented to a Hotel chain when its finished.


    @Kalil: D’oh! OK, My bad… I soooo wanted it to be Japan, so I could Sic/blame Gojira on/for the problem…


    @nyokki: Um. yeah. The Chinese. Thats right. That was not one of my parties, me and mine were nowhere near China on the night in question. We were right here watching Dirty Jobs and eating popcorn. Pay no attention to the goat, that is NOT a fireworks mortar duct taped to it, it is a…..splint! yeah a splint. He hurt himself, sprained an ankle……


    Can’t believe in all this ranting there wasn’t one “Chinese fire drill” comment.
    NO sense of ha ha…


    @SumoSnipe: I WILL be checking your alibi. I hope, for your sake, that you’re telling the truth.


    @nyokki: I am. This is how the goat got hurt:


    @SumoSnipe: That pic doesn’t explain the burns…and what’s wrong w/ the goat’s anus?


    @nyokki: That is something you will have to take up with my former anti-surveillance securityman. As to why he is no longer in my employ, see RedNeck Mech.