Football vs. Handegg

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    I am the president of the internets, and I approve of this post.


    I always questioned this as a kid. I’m sure I was even punched in the face for questioning this.

    Take away their pads. Or give them sticks and put them on ice in my opinion.


    Just name it “retard rugby” and be done with it.


    This is just how America rolls, you expect us to give up on the term football? We won’t even adopt the metric system… I’m in Iraq right now and all of my fellow colleagues and soldiers refuse to honor a Metre (Meter)or litre. Even though the vehicles we drive are measured in KPH, we remain to recieve citations based on an excess of *MPH’s. God bless America and our strong arm tactics aye.
    Is there something wrong with soccer though it’s a really cool name




    to the left: Natural athlete with skills and no body armor

    to the right: roided up, overpaid, wrapped in protection.

    American football is a joke!

    Give me Rugby anyday! and the Haka!


    I’m not gonna bash American football because I know a few players that would bash me for it. All I’ll say is let go of the pause button! Running for 5 seconds and then stopping for 5 minutes gets boring very quick. Saying that, I was born in England where they like CRICKET!


    Cricket scoring, what the fuck, seriously…
    75 for 40
    897 for 23
    13,778 for a shilling


    Skulltimo: It’s not just the scoring. Just man up and play baseball instead of swinging below your knees.


    I hate to say it, but I sometimes enjoy watching Handegg. It’s so fun to see stupid people run into eachother and not get back up.


    archimedes34: yes. more of that, and less penis flapping when waiting for a replay.



    Those maps do nothing but confirm how retarded this nation is.

    Have you noticed how the rest of the world keep kicking our asses in Science, Medicine, Transit systems, automotive production, exports, education, life expectancy, solar energy, wind energy and many many more.

    The only thing this country seems to be good at is jailing people and waging war; and that seems to be marginal.


    NFL sux the balls


    this is a debate which cannot be won.

    Elepski: apparently you don’t know who Emmitt Smith IS so i’ll just let that one slide…
    I also doubt you can even/have even played football (of the American variety). If you have any athletic abilities whatsoever.

    Having played football, baseball, basketball, and soccer in my younger years i feel confident in saying each are just as competitive and have their own set of challenges. to say one is better than another is strictly opinion.

    rugby or aussie rules football are completely different machines in which the guys are not only athletes but likely certifiable…


    ps handegg made me lawl


    I figured it would fairly obvious that I do not watch American sports; So I do not care who plays the sports here.

    I find the salaries that are paid to the people are outrageous. American sport athletes are nothing more than paid entertainers. And then there is the general asshattery that you find so many of them in.

    The players of these other sports do so with much less compensation and much less protection.

    and as far as your cheap attempt to call me non-athletic; You don’t even know me. Therefor, your statement is invalid.


    Isnt 50% of being a Sportsperson, being a paid entertainer? I dont give a rats ass how good you are at a sport, if it’s boring as all hell, we all lose.

    Curling, although hats off to those champion Curlers… taking nothing away from their ability, its a shit sport to watch as it isnt that entertaning watching 3 butch lesbians polish ice with brooms.


    Elepski: you’re absolutely right, i shouldn’t have assumed anything about you.

    also the highest paid american athletes are golfers, basketball and baseball players. as you know these sports do not include any type of protection.


    Elepski: Your a waste of space and effort, I was criticizing my own country and it’s stubbornness and your going to attack it further? Bodybuilding, Creative arts, Creating an environment for super-stardom and not catching epidemic flues/diseases are what we are best at, on the side we’ve had a few scientists come out of our 200 year old civilization so fuck you, America rocks, I’m glad your proud of your country but you suck for being a douche plug for men. I’m not completely close minded though here take this organic tea-bag at mid-afternoon


    with golf, the athlete is not being paid by a team.. they play to get paid usually. if they lose.. they go home empty handed…(this is outside of the pay from sponsors)

    as far as the basketball and baseball.. those sport by definition are not really full contact sports as football/rugby is. Surely the occasional hit or elbow to the face happens. Again, the pay that these people receive is beyond what is deserved.


    *You’re… by the way Skulltimo: Elepski: those little arrows next to our names are used to generate the highlighting code signifying whom your rebuttal refers to.


    like i said in my original post on this topic, this debate is endless.

    Elepski: why do you assume that contact denotes which sport is more valuable than another?
    it sounds like you have issues with other people being successful. i certainly hope you find success and can appreciate others’ success in life.


    Wow, who new such a heated debate would come from a picture. Let’s settle this over a nice game of handegg.


    colonel-yum-yum: it’s believable such a post could bring allot of emotion into a conversation, if we were at a pub we’d agree to disagree and buy a round of stouts, If there’s one thing I dislike about America it’s the Ale’s, Beer’s, and Lager’s they are weakened for distribution to America… that really sucks when your Irish or New Zealand buddy’s hear about you taking down a few pints… our Pints are < Their Pints


    You seem to imply that I hate America; You are wrong. I love America.. so much so that I am willing to point out the flaws. This country has become lazy by comparison. There was a time when we led the world… but since the end of the space race; it all been downhill.

    But for whatever reason, allot of American are under this veil of “America is still number one”.

    Right now we are in a situation that can allow us to reclaim our ability to support ourself as a nation.

    We have the vast size and natural resources to go green and stop importing energy. Keeping that money here.

    We have the skilled labor to take our manufacturing back from china. Keeping that money here.

    We have the scientists and doctors to develop the next big cure from Stem cells. Holding those patients would be priceless.

    We are the only Western industrialize nation with out universal health care at no cost to it’s people. Without a healthy and maintained workforce ; the USA will have a tough time competing.

    as far as your examples “Bodybuilding, Creative arts, Creating an environment for super-stardom and not catching epidemic flues/diseases”

    Bodybuilding: ?are you fucking serious?

    Creative arts: Could you be any more general?

    Creating an environment for super-stardom: How is this important?

    not catching epidemic flues/diseases: As opposed to who? I don’t seem to remember any pandemics taking out half of Europe in recent memory.


    colonel-yum-yum: yeah, i kinda think that epilepsy is the only one that’s getting agged on this topic… i donno, i just wanted to have a respectful debate…

    anyhow, street rules… tackle in the grass, 2 hand touch in the street, sidewalk is out of bounds… light post to light post. first one to score wins… i call heads on the flip!


    Sometimes you have to stir up the bottom to make people realize what they are swimming in.


    DisplacedTexan: I have no idea what any of that means so I’m just going to smile and nod. *Does just that*


    Dublin0: WTF did you do???


    FUCK OFF Elepski.

    don’t talk shit about the fucking Dallas Cowboys, especially the fucking AWESOME Emmitt Smith.



    WOW.. What a well thought out and impeccably worded response there Natedog.


    Feet*; ergo, feetball.


    Why is it always the ‘armor’ of American football people obsess about? Does wearing armor make jousting knights less bad-ass than swashbuckling swordsmen? It just means you can hit harder. That’s why American football players get the destroyed joints instead of the broken ribs that rugby players get. I’ll admit that rugby is an incredibly rough game, but if they hit like football players hit, half the team would be on the injured list after the first game.


    this calls for a death match.


    Get one thing straight…American Football is a game about intensity, control, and teamwork. No other sport requires EVERY SINGLE PLAYER to do their job to effectively win games…nuff said. Yes I think SOME get overpaid but understand the level of strength, agility, and quick thinking these guys have to possess to be at that level. If this statement doesn’t make any sense to you then fuck off because you’ve never played higher than highschool level football.

    WistfulD: word up brotha. NFL hit 10 times harder and are 10 times more violent on the front lines (offensive/defensive linemen).


    Elepski: i had a long, well thought out response to the wealth of stupidity i found in your post, but i ended it with the word “fa­g­g­ot”. however, i submitted it without bypassing the word filter, so my original response is lost in the ether.

    however, i think that this post conveys much of the meaning i was trying to convey in a tl;dr format.

    tl;dr newfags can’t F­­A­G­­G­­OT


    sutenvulf: “EVERY SINGLE PLAYER”?
    Why do they keep running off the pitch then?
    I’m sure you are right, I just never got why you basically have 4 teams, 2 offence & 2 defence.


    sutenvulf: WTF Soccer requires forwards, defense a goalie… coverage, every single sport except golf, swimming, and tennis requires teamwork control and intensity…
    Everyone: This post is not about Football being better than other Football, it IS about the terminology, which European Football A.K.A. Soccer came along way before American Football, even though American Football is much better and manlier than Soccer in my opinion.


    Elepski: Your a douche, nobody loves you and you will die alone… also just my opinion likely seconded by everyone reviewing this forum


    colonel-yum-yum: STFU N00B! Why would you approve this post? Look at all the fighting going on since you approved it. Do you like causing wars? Oh wait you said you are president. You must be BUSH!


    colonel-yum-yum: and you are no longer president.


    just a friendly reminder that we americans call it football because the ball is ~1ft long… so technically, soccer might well be called kickball if i didn’t already know that there is an elementary school game with the same name…


    This post just proves diabeetus is an asshole.


    : you really have no room to talk you turkey faced liberal ass homo military hatin communist supportin ass raper


    colonel-yum-yum: Careful commenting to yourself can be a wee bit addictive.
    Did not know that


    superfluous: ROFL, now get back to work


    Dublin0: Thanks for the heads up. colonel-yum-yum: Cut it out. We are beginning to piss people off.


    i would like to see any of you euro fags put on football equiptment and take a hit and say it didnt hurt

    football is great sport
    soccer is a shit sport.


    Football, Soccer, Rugby are all great sports. But Hockey is simply the best.

    Also this has to be the most retarded argument I have ever seen. Not the first or the last time this retarded argument will be had either.


    Omit: WTF mate


    Omit: We COULD copy American football players and take a hit, might be quicker to put on swimming gear and take a hit though. Phelps stylie!


    First of all, the arrow is pointing to his arm. Not his hand. Second, the other arrow is not pointing to an egg, but a pigskin. Therefore the sport should be called armedpigskins.
    That is all.


    This is MCS…. with out pointless, futile, bias blog debates… there is no MCS.


    I have a lot of respect for NFL players because its such a different sport that truly requires teamwork.

    Dublin0/colonel-yum-yum: What I meant was I find this to be a very unique sport because if 1 man screws up…the entire team loses. It requires such coordination with a high level of skill that makes it such an awesome sport.

    I also just hate the NFL b/c they do nothing but prize the play makers and scorers. NFL Linemen get little recognition and are some of the hardest working athletes in the world.


    sutenvulf: Linemen get plenty of recognition. Protecting the QB and driving through the other teams line to sack the other teams QB are as important as making yardage. Announcers always talk about the linemen and interview them as much as any other player.

    Elepski: MCS is so much more then that.


    Puulaahi: Hah! Don’t ALL of diabeetus’s posts proved he was an asshole?


    sutenvulf: If one player screws up it isn’t likely to cost the game it’s just the next sequential down with a loss of yardage, unless that player is the QB and a possible interception occurs. Recognition isn’t decided by the NFL but rather the nature of the beast.


    Phyreblade: Emmitt Smith runs like a bear… it’s almost like the arrow is pointing to a Man-Bear. So the game should be called “ManBearPigskin”.


    Somebody already said it: American football is just rugby played by bloody cowards wearing body armor. I’d like to see an NFL team play against a 1st or 2nd tier rugby team without their helmets and padded shirts. They’d probably soil themselves at the mere sight of the Samoan team’s pre-game display.


    Anonymous: Pretty much.

    Silverwolf: You are aware that there are many Pacific Islanders in football as well. Football players are larger and hit differently then Rugby players ergo the padding and helmets. It’s a different game. Rugby you throw the ball backwards and pile on top of each other between every set. Both piss testosterone. Still Hockey is the better.




    Anonymous: I like it. ManBearPigskin FTW… Hey… It rhymes…


    Apparently even Europeans don’t know the origin of the names of their own games. >.>

    “Football” as they call it is really Association Football. Until AF became more popular, football referred to rugby, and in fact, rugby is STILL called football in most countries other than England (for example, Australia calls it football to this day).

    Hence, Americans took up “football”, that is, rugby, and over the years, the rules changed a bit. We didn’t change the name – it’s ALWAYS been football. We didn’t take the name from Association Football, aka soccer. Association Football can be said to have coopted the term football from rugby. 😛


    I’ve played a bit of everything before :S
    and football is one of the most intense sports
    (under snowboarding :D)
    …but you have to admit..
    for such an awesome game, it’s got a crap name


    Ok, after reading all these comments and seeing many good points and bad points and many extremely closed minded, ridiculously stupid, fucking people people…I just have one question…….

    WILL IT TAKE OFF!!?!?!


    This is some mighty fine internets 😀


    people call American football boring when in most soccer matches for 89 minutes people kick the ball back and forth to each other. Not to mention fall down and claim to be injured for 20 seconds.


    and I almost forgot how much was david beckhams contract 250mill? when the average american football players gets 2-4mill a year. And our athletes get paid in US Dollars which isnt worth shit.


    Re: the “armor” comments:

    Unlike *soccer* players, American footballers are big, nasty and brutish, and in a brawl would devastate any soccer players, with or without pads. Yeah, soccer players get bruised and scraped and bloodied, but football players get concussed and permanently paralyzed and sometimes die. And I wouldn’t want my million dollar quarterback, the guy carrying the team, to get concussed or die. Those pads are a protection on an investment; and if soccer players were as large and rough as football players, they’d wear protective gear too.

    American football = all about tactics, time-management, field organization, planning and precision.

    Soccer = let’s kick the ball in this general area and hope someone knocks it into the goal.


    But put a rugby player against an “american football” player and let’s see who’s ass is grass. Rugby players are made of bricks and testosterone. Even if they’re women.

    ALL athletes are grossly overpaid, no matter where they are.

    Yes. Yes it is.


    holy shit 70 comments!
    and im sure someone has probably already said this but thats not a hand, thats an elbow!!


    I am unsure how kicking the ball in a general area and hoping it goes in the goal does soccer justice. Soccer requires a lot of training, and endurance. Often times, kicking the ball in the direction of the goal will not win you games. Learn to play noob.


    Football owns SOCCER,end of story.


    weird. its almost like every sport is different. they all take different kind of athletes and different kinds of training. is david beckham played tailback in the NFL, he would get killed, but if adrian peterson played forward for ac milan, he would blow dick. every sport has its merits and flaws. get over it


    YOU are all douches…but specially the Americanos…suckit f*ck*rs!!!!!hahahahaha!


    This thread is balls.

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