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    Your saying Bush evolved into a Socialist?


    Well yeah, it was Bush that nationalized the banks, so yeah, he turned into a socialist (evolved if you like, except he doesn’t believe in evolution).


    @greenie: A 6 percent increase is HARDLY socialism, what are you basing this off of?


    that’s a funny observation.. i always saw Obama as a black bush! but hopefully it wont end up that way!!


    From thatsrightnate.com/2008/07/12/obama-tax-increase-will-hurt-america/ The current Barack Obama plan to roll back the Bush tax cuts and increase taxes on people making over $250,000 per year could be devestating in this current economy. With recent reports that both Ed McMann and former NBA star Vin Baker are in danger of getting their homes foreclosed on, do we really need to be raising taxes on ther wealthy at this time? With the rising price of oil disproportionately hitting private jet and luxury car owners, a new round of tax cuts may send many of the wealthy into merely being upper class and could… Read more »



    I see what you’re saying, but I also don’t care if they can’t have an oversize dining table. At least they have things they can sell to help out, and if they were smart, they wouldn’t have bought so much stupid meaningless shit anyway. I know this is cliche, but were I to find riches, I would not be so idiotically irresponsible with my income to worry about oversize dining tables.

    That said, the reason I came to this thread:

    That’s backward, the monkey is supposed to be at the beginning /KomissarVC


    Regression! Please revert.


    @RSIxidor: That’s backward, the monkey is supposed to be at the beginning /KosmissarVC

    Dear god dude, I was wondering when someone was going to say something like that:)


    @Dublin0: “Rising price of oil”? Wake up and welcome to 6 months ago. Oil ain’t rising anymore. In fact, it’s been pretty steady around $40 a barrel for a month straight now. ( Funnily, gas prices are creeping up in spite of this ) That’s $100 down from its peak during the summer.
    Anyway, the assertation that lowering taxes on those with less money and raising taxes on those with more could be “devastating” is just plain stupid. The upper class pay proportionally far LESS taxes than the lower classes.


    The rich give us something to aspire to? Grow the fuck up. Life isn’t about diamond jewelry and limousines. I aspire to live like Donald Trump about as much as I aspire to grow cancerous tumors on my asshole. I don’t give a good god damn if Ed McMahon has to sell his house; let him eat Ramen. The rich don’t give a flying fuck about the poor and they are easily replaced by the next generation of innovators and nouveau riche.


    Anyone here heard of sarcasm, great arguments none the less (also sarcasm)


    Was not familiar with that site, nor did I click the link, but goddamn you got me.



    I was emulating KomissarVC’s bitch ass, not agreeing with him.


    @RSIxidor: Wish I could take credit I found it sometime ago and it wasn’t until I read it all the way did I realize it was the always dreaded coded & clandestine wit



    No shit.


    its a swap over to total opposites

    From a human with monkey intelligence to a monkey with human intelligence


    leave me alone?


    the title of this post should say Change instead of evolution


    @rattybad: @Tyger42: @RSIxidor:

    get out of my gene pool. it’s adult swim time.


    From stupid to lair.
    With is bettter?


    @nobody knows:
    But the stupid guy lied and was stupid. Plus his trump card: Cheney.

    I already took care of this thread, just go suckle your mothers tit.


    @RSIxidor: Oh oh oh…. RACISM DUAL!!!


    FIGHT!? lolol


    This is what Creationists actually believe.

    Also FAIL.


    Well the problem with taxing the rich is that the rich are assholes. Instead of selling their expensive summer homes and five other ferraris they will more likely cut out 500-5,000 workers from whatever mega-omni-conglomo corp they Run/own/extort. Obamas tax plan is a good idea in theory but in the real world it will not happen that way. a large portion of the rich would rather fire people they don’t know personally or ever have to see than give up their Welsh Farms deliveries and Evian water coolers. Trust me i grew up in one of the richest counties in… Read more »


    @thelotuseater725: but say this. the amount of people in that “company” is required to make sure the company get’s profit. and if they fire 500-5000 workers they wouldn’t make as much profit, you need a certain amount to complete the job if you reduce it the job will not be completed. but your statement is still correct


    For even more lulz, flip the picture horizontally.


    No matter how witty or funny a comment was intended it always sucks when it’d the same shit already said, read before you post