Chinese rappers

8ax6kus.jpg (63 KB)

Text translates to something along the lines of “back kitchen wanton rappin to the hardcode underground like armageddon meets godzilla and godzuki

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    Bun man!


    I’d like to listen to this


    lolz at ur description of teh movie poster but thats not wut it says. hte movie is that the guy on teh poster sells buns at his shop and hes famous for them but the catch is that he murders ppl and chop them up and puts their meat in the buns. i watched this movie when i was 7 pretty messed up tho


    This film is AMAZING. Very sick. Just how I like ’em. And I have those glasses.


    I never wear them though. Except when I chop people up, obviously.


    Casemods fucks up again. I thought you killed yourself`??


    He won’t kill himself, in fact he’s about to fix his life. Or he’s already at it. He filled out some applications here and there, meanwhile he learns how to value the good people in his life. As soon as he gets the job, that he is going to get, he saves up enough money to move out. One day he’ll wake up in his own apartment, with a decent woman by his side, and laugh at all these years he wasted. But it’s all right. ‘Cause he’s just getting started. And as a fine Irish man once said, your… Read more »


    Fuck man. My posts are starting to look like Luke’s. Seriously, what is wrong with me. I can’t stop myself.


    Those are some hard core buns…


    Screw bein’ a mouthpiece Miss Antagonista, become a writer.


    Haha Mister marcus, you’re the second person to tell me that I should become a writer today. Don’t you worry, I’m working on that also, but I’d do it as a hobby.

    And why mouthpiece? I had to look it up. So whom am I making do things they don’t really want to do? Is it a good thing.


    A Chinese Mrs Lovett?


    It’s also based on a true story. I was gonna barf when i first saw it as a kid.