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House Team Circle

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    Luke sei Vadder

    hmmm delicious women-doctors!


    Luke sei Vadder: I think they should be called: “Doctresses” ^^

    mmmmmmhhhh… Series 1… good times!


    I love this show.

    Luke Magnifico

    Hmmm ¶delicious token black doctor¶.

    Also, Doctress is a much sexier name.


    i’ve watched this show enough to know if you wake up and see these people standing over you- you’re fucked.


    Olivia Wilde for the sex.


    Puulaahi: *Wireless High Five*


    : I think you meant Olivia Wilde+Jennifer Morrison.


    storminator: Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Though I prolly wouldn’t mind so much if it just the ones holding the paddles…


    ColombianMonkey: *High5*
    Jas3n_bla: No I ment Olivia Wilde+Me


    I have fun watching House be an asshole, but realistically, House and his whole crew would’ve lost their medical licenses and been sued into the ground before the end of the first season. I mean, they nearly kill every patient at least 4 times due to mis-diagnosis every episode.


    stupid show with annoying characters … hate it. It’s like Roxanne for arrogant fucks (instead of the poor and retarded).


    smitha22 u mean Roseanne, genius?


    *Rosanne or whatever that show with the fat special needs kids was.


    : you are assuming the audience could read and it therefore mattered.


    House is a friggin arsehole. I hate him so very much. But I still watch every week. Best show ever!


    !the whole world is addicted to soap operas!
    Damn i’m glad i don’t watch this brain-bleaching stuff..I blame the end of conscious free thought.


    Yea, its another medical soap. But it’s funny. House is hilarious.

    He’s an arrogent prick, but the character has what we want, control, immunity, brilliance, or something, and that draws us in.


    I watched this show once. The plot was “sick nun,” the answer was “forgotten IUD.” Unfortunately, I had that figured out ~35 minutes before Dr. House and Company, and without the mystery or suspense it was just a bunch of weepy god v. science drama between a few prima donna characters I couldn’t relate to.

    Meanwhile, I completely enjoy CSI and never see the ending coming a mile away. YMMV.


    conan776: You know I was about to say I don’t really like soaps, but then I remembered that I love CSI, but it’s also technically a soap, so I’m just gonna shut up nao…


    Phyreblade: Well I was about to say that I can’t watch mystery shows anymore since I watched too much Murder She Wrote as a kid, which endlessly employed the same formula: that rich guy is actually poor! That couple that pretend to hate each other are secretly lovers! That nun used to be a complete slut! When the murder occurred, Tiki was actually sober! (well, we are talking fiction). And once you know that, you can work it all out way before the players. But then I too remembered CSI, and it’s not like that at all.


    Murder She Wrote was NOT a drama- it was the show that replaced The Love Boat as a home for old, talentless, and otherwise unemployable actors. I personally think it was produced by the Screen Actors Guild to find a place for the worst actors in history to find a GIG!


    I ended up giving this show another chance, and have decided it’s actually pretty good.

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