4 Batmans

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    Do I see Two-Face in a Batman costume there?


    WTF is wrong with the guys running DC? They killed Superman when he was their biggest asset, then they had that 4 new Supermen bullshit, and then Superman came back. Now all of a sudden Batman is huge, so they kill Batman, then we have a bunch of new Batmen bullshit, eventually Batman will come back. What. The. Fuck?


    AgZed: Ask Hollywood. They have the same problem.


    But which one is the venerable, mysterious Butt-Man?


    Well you cannot always expect for Batman to live through every single situation can you? I’m surprised nobody waited around on a skyscraper in order to catch Batman standing on a rooftop in the distance looking over Gotham with a bunch of thought bubbles around his head, in order to snipe his bat ass and be done with it.


    Oops, forgot to make that “ AgZed”


    lets see if I can figure it out without buying an issue of Grant Morrisons crap.

    The batmans are Tim Drake, Jean Paul Valley AKA Azrael, Two-Face, and David Cain.

    Am I right?


    AgZed: It’s called “publicity stunts”. DC has been flailing in the face of Marvel for a long time now.


    It’s been going on since Dark Phoenix 30 years ago –and maybe even before that. Get used to it. Nobody stays dead in comics.


    Secretly, DC plans on making the new Batman that MUTHA FUCKIN T-REX!


    : I thought it was Tim Drake, Dick Grayson, Two-Face and one of the drugged-up Batmen created by Dr. Hurt. … And that it’s Damien and Jason Todd off on the right. Hard to tell, though, since there’s not a big facial structure/hair difference between Grayson and Todd. (Hush could also be one of the Batmen as he’s started masquerading as Bruce Wayne.)

    …Hi, my name is Attercap and I am a comic geek.


    whos the dead chick in the box? hmm… and why is harley there?

    i think the guy on the end is hush. he now looks like bruce and the bandage around his leg seems like a telltale sign.

    so id say we got from left to right: tim drake, harley, alfred, dick grayson, jason todd, two-face (behind jason),batgirl, damien, and hush. and an unknown women (i assume)in a box

    Luke Magnifico

    Tyrannosaurus Rex is the new Batman


    The position of the hand coming out of the box indicates that SOMEone wasn’t paying attention. (the thumb is on the wrong side, or the body’s in pieces)

    And I would assume, though it looks female, that they are all standing on the body of Bruce Wayne?


    R.I.P Batman… I miss you

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