Cheese Doodle Art Exhibit

Cheese Doodles.jpg (316 KB)

Members of the band Five Iron Frenzy covered in MaryJo Brand All-Natural Cheese Doodles as part of a living-art exhibit by Lucy Do in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Their album title “Cheeses…” was to be named “Cheeses of Nazareth” due to this event, but they decided against it.

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    Okay, they’re standing on them, they’re covered in them, but are they MADE of them or are there people under there?


    Makes me hungry. Cheese FTW


    @Pants: methinks that if they were simply cheeto covered people, they would crush the cheetos upon which they stand

    @Puulaahi: cheese? oh, that’s definitely not cheese, bro.


    Years ago, “FTW” used to have a very negative meaning: “f**k the world”. This was a term commonly used by social rebels, anarchists and anti-authoritarian types to express frustration with modern society. Sadly, this antisocial meaning has dramatically faded in use in the 21st century, and gay people use “for the win” as the modern meaning for this acronym now.

    I have NEVER heard anyone say “for the win” in conversation- Yet Gangster rap is covered with Fuck the world… Oh i get it- gay people.


    @Flappycunt: Never heard of a flappy cunt that talks shit either. People change and life changes. Deal with it and just because it changes doesn’t make it “gay.” What are you, in junior high? Gay is such a dated term itself in modern society that has been twisted into a petty insult at the expence of others. You bitch about internet speak when you yourself are behind the times.

    Perhaps you should stop being such a slut then you won’t be so flappy..


    Ew, Christian Music.


    @FC, PUU: tl;dr;dc;su

    Yes, Five Iron Frenzy, the best damn Christian ska band that I once listened to once.


    @RSIxidor: Same here man. I used to listening to them, then I started to listen to the lyrics and everything went downhill from there.


    @natedog: They dont stand on any. They put the cheetos around them.


    i don’t think so, bro. look at the feet and try to give me that lame ass bullshit



    Even so, the weight of those many cheese doodles would crush the underfoot doodles.

    Hahaha doodle on doodle.



    Ever heard of a platform? Perhaps made of wood? Lurn 2 installation.


    they’re not that bad at all.


    Art using cheese doodles? Why not, I guess, everything else has been used.


    Doodles? Is that an american thing? I’ve always heard ‘cheezies’. Doodles makes it sound… suspicious.


    I wonder if they make a tasty crunching sound when they move… 🙂


    there used to be a web site run by a “Cap’t. Fatty Moon” – who claimed to be an errant AI lifeform that escaped from the tierra project – that was at

    it’s not there any longer, however… 🙁