Kiss Your Favorite Beatle

Kiss Your Favorite Beatle

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    I remember seeing something similar in a magazine when I was 12 and obsessed with NSYNC. As much as I love Paul, I’m not going to kiss a picture of him 🙁


    @ohmybob: I will!


    You know, that’s pretty pathetic….


    Thank god they’re not smiling & showing us their hideous British snaggleteeth.


    @Whatwhatomgwhat: You keep away from me!

    Wow. What is up with John’s lips? Lookin’ kind of crack fiendish there.

    teezy weezy

    Someone spelled kill wrong.


    This just confirms my lifelong debate that the Beatles were simply an overrated BOY BAND.

    Find me one cover that doesn’t sound BETTER performed by actually talented musicians… and I’ll retract my statement. 🙂


    : GTFO, Twisted Sister’s cover of Eleanor Rigby. There’s more but that’s enough embarrassment for the beatles


    @CathyLong: I… wow. Do you know anything about music?

    As for one that doesn’t sound better performed by ‘actual talented musicians,’ just watch the entirety of the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band film.

    I, for one, refuse to watch that film again. I heard they used it at Guantanamo Bay.

    *remembers movie – cries*


    I don’t want to kiss either of you.

    I want to hold your hand.


    John Lennon should use some chapstick.


    @Paul Is Drunk: Herpes
    @Cathy Long: They influenced every band you’ll ever hear. Every cover song you can hear in a commercial is primed and ready for insertion into your butt.


    @CathyLong: Here’s a better idea: Name a Beatles cover that YOU think sounds better than the original, and –when we’re done laughing– we’ll explain to you why you’re so wrong.


    @CathyLong: As a bass player and an ultimate Beatles fan, I am appalled at your statement. I don’t know a single musician today that would not cite The Beatles as an influence and I cannot name a single musician/band who would cover a Beatles song and claim that they do a better job than the Fab Four. I judge every person’s musical tastes on whether or not they like The Beatles. IMHO, you must listen to some shitty shit. No offense.


    : I think I love you.

    I have the original of this magazine page. My mom gave me all of her Beatles stuff long ago. I still have it all. The Beatles are by far, my favorite!


    @Beef_Hammer: That’s shallow to judge someone over their fascination level over The Beatles. Not everyone has to love them even if the music they play is influenced. For example, I may be influenced by Nick Menza, while one of his influences are The B’s, but I’m not fond of his influences, just Nick Menza. Why do you elitists force down what the mainstream world classified as a top band onto others? I like some Beatles songs, but it’s just absurd how narrow-minded people are when it comes to them. It’s a black-n-white world with you, there were other bands besides… Read more »



    You’re right of course. There is plenty of great music that was not inspired by the Beatles. And they took their original sound from Elvis (who stole his sound), and Buddy Holly and the Crickets.

    Personally, I love the Beatles, but some people who do NOT, have introduced me to some fabulous music. Just like I introduced them to great music that they had no idea that the Beatle influence was so apparent in it.

    And I know that there are plenty of big shot talented musicians that hate the Beatles.



    Yes yes and yes. I agree 100%.

    Most people I’ve encountered who were crazy about the Beatles, always acted like it’s ok to be so close-minded just because it has to do with music. And because they feel like, their appreciation for their music is something positive therefore being such a douche about it is alright.

    It’s absurd.

    And yes I do like the Beatles very much, but they were a boy band, not gods.