I wasn’t a total failure

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    AHAHAHAHAHA! Fucking nice!


    What an appropriate bow out…dodging the shoe that is. Being hated so much that an international journalist throws his shoes at you.


    I’d still support him. He won his elections based on his views. Unlike Obama who won based on his race and that by voting for him he would be making history. A real good amount of people had no clue as to what they were voting for. This whole election was a crock.


    Systemdown83: Wow you really do believe everything you are told. Sucks to be you.


    But yet we kept him in for 8 years…


    Puulaahi: I hate that he gets blamed for what stupid people do. I actully got to shake hands with Former Pesident Bush. Yeah I guess it does suck to be able to see past all the bs. Yeah it sucks to be in tough with reality and not leaving in fantasy world. Don’t get me wrong I hated both sides. This election had absolutly nothing to do with the issues at hand. But for people to sit there and think that things are going to be better for everyone everywhere thats just stupid. This country is just going to get worse and worse. So go live in your fantasy world.


    Systemdown83: You shook his hand and suddenly you can see past all the bullshit. Yet you say Bush isn’t to blame for anything that happened during his presidency and Obama won because of race. Say hi to the Mad Hatter for me when you see him.


    Systemdown83: Breaking News: The World is Already a Better Place. Next, in Lifestyles, delusional man jumps off bridge screaming about W’s legacy of truth and nobility; no one cares.


    Bin Laden – Clinton dropped the ball on this one. Yeah Bush didnt catch him, but Clinton had the chance to nip it in the bud over a decade ago, more than a couple of times

    Iraq – Yeah, the country was ruled by a rather cruel dictator so its nice to see Hussein go. But not planning for partisans and all the other crap….

    Rest of the World – So the fate of the world lies in the hands of the POTUS? wild.

    Torture – Ive been waterboarded, its not that bad. Mind you I knew what was going on when it happened. But there wasnt much of a professional job going on in the Abu Gahrab thing.

    Economy – The whole banking thing is a wild mix between Clinton era laws more or less mandating that banks make loans to low income people, and Bush era law that deregulated the trading of loans. Either law by itself wouldnt have lead to this, but the combination is freaking lethal.

    Enviornment – If your going to QQ about the enviornment, maybe you need to learn more. Lets assume that the planet is heating up. There is geologic and recorded history that shows that the world prosperous for all forms of life when the planet is warmer than it is now. Global warming is joke of a thing to bitch about. A third of the US lakes, and a quarter of the waterways have so much mercury in them that you cant eat the fish; this is something to get angry about. The spread of large scale farming pushing out the predators to more or less unarable land, and you get deer and other prey animal populations totally out of control, thats something to bitch about.

    I hate Bush for a number of reasons. None of which are listed in the pic.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Systemdown83: The 2008 was a crock? Are you forgetting 2004 and 2000? At least Obama didn’t use fraudulent voting machines or prevent votes from being counted by going to the Supreme Court.



    This is like shooting fish in a barrel, but I’m bored and relaxing on the couch after lunch.


    Bin Laden – Bill Clinton may not have destroyed Bin Laden, but he had no reason to do so, as he actually headed the FBI/CIA warnings of possible terror attacks on U.S. soil, which is well documented that Bush did not.

    Iraq – The U.S. put that ‘bad dictator’ in power, and even Cheney admitted in an early 90’s interview that invasion of the region would be disastrous because of the power vacuum left behind. This is ignoring the sky rocketing costs and lying to lead a nation into war, mind you.

    Rest of the World – I’ll partially forgive you because I’ll assume you’ve never been out of North America, but there is actually a whole world out there, and to ignore it is beyond stupid. To intentionally piss it off like Bush did is possibly insane.

    Torture – You know what? I’ve been tortured. It’s not fun. Not in the fucking slightest. Maybe you got water boarded as a frat prank or something, but if you ever actually went through what I did and consider torture okay you are a fucking moron. Fucking. Moron.

    Economy – You actually got this right. +1 point.

    Environment – During the last ice age the average temperature of the planet was 10 degrees cooler, Fahrenheit. The average over the last century has seen a rise of 2 degrees world wide. However, you said environment then attacked global warming while defending environmental regulation. It’s a straw man argument, and a bad one because while you changed the argument, you still attacked Bush for deregulating environmental protections.

    —Though I am curious. If you don’t hate him for all these reasons, at least two of which you admitted are in some way his fault (Economy & Environment), then what do you hate him for?
    Hurricane Katrina?
    Shipping American jobs overseas?
    Massive national deficit?
    Establishing the Christian Right as a political power base?
    Abusing the English language?
    Proving that Republican control of both the Executive and Legislative branches of government leads to the decline of the United States as a whole?
    Am I missing something?





    Show some respect, you heathens.


    Puulaahi: Having a shoe thrown at it is one of the worst insults you can receive in the country of the pitchers origin.

    Systemdown83: People voted for Obama because they thought he would make history. Guess what, less then a week in and Gitmo is already closing. I guess that isnt important at all.

    Also, the country didnt slip into Armageddon while Bush was in control, so yeah, I’d say he could have done worse.


    Paul_Is_Drunk: Hey paul, I kinda agree with some of the points you made, but Katrina??

    I have lived in New Orleans for a year now. It’s pretty much back to the way it was, but there are so many abandoned buildings still. I never thought it was the governments responsibility to clean up. It the communitites! I remember seeing a lady in Florida handing out bottled water when I went down there to help clean up when I was still in the navy. She said this “I have lost everything, so I figured the least I can do is help out the rest of the community.” This ladies house was somewhere in the gulf of mexico, yet instead of blasting the government she actually helped the national guard hand supplies out. There were a lot of people there doing the same thing. I know a lot of people who come to MCS know about Houma and what happened during Gustav and Ike. Some of these places were under water not once but twice in the matter of a month. Galveston is still fucked up but you don’t see that shit on the news still. There was even a story told to me by locals that the governor refused help from the fedral government. Calling Katrina Bush’s fault is not very fair to anyone, especially the armed forces, and civilian piolots who were getting shot at by the same people they were trying to rescue off of roof tops who DID NOT head the warning a hurricane was coming.

    TL:DR: Natural disasters are not one persons problem to fix they are everyones problem to come to a solution.


    Bush did a hell of a lot better than any of you could ever have done, and Obama will do the same, if to a higher (probably) degree. I personally voted for Bush, but did not vote for Obama (but not in the same election, just had to clarify so some of you fucktards won’t be saying ‘haha, you voted for Bush even when he wasn’t a valid presidential candidate’). But guess what; I’m a fucking American and I have a president. Just because I didn’t vote him in doesn’t mean that he’s not the president and doesn’t deserve my respect. Hindsight has 20/20 vision. People looking into the future do not have the luxury of knowing in such perfect detail everything about the future the way that you know absolutely everything there is to know about the past.


    LordPartyTime: Im just gonna go ahead and say this. As of now, yes bush did do better then any of us, but do any of us have a clue as to how to run a country, no. Not usually. BUT! Assuming that we actually were educated in a fashion that would prepare us for a powerful leading role then Im going to say 90% of us could have done better then Bush.

    Luke Magnifico

    I think everyone’s missing the point here.

    If you need a shoe dodged, Bush is the man to call.

    He’s one hell of a shoe dodger.

    I was actually impressed.


    Drunkin: Regardless of personal opinions of Hurricane Katrina, it’s aftermath, or the attitudes of the citizens that chose to live there…

    The ISSUE is his response to the situation, which was just as delayed and haphazard as his reaction to 9/11. It was a turning point in his administration, and one he never recovered from.

    So, no, I haven’t been to New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina, but I’m not judging Bush on what’s happened since then. I, like many Americans, are still judging him from how badly he handled the situation.


    What scares me is that Bush is a highly educated man with lots of political/family connections and he still majorly screwed up once the post 9/11 glow abated. Can you imagine Sarah Palin in there if (IF, you bastards) McCain croaked?

    If a Yale-educated man did that much damage, then a multiple college barely gettin’r done in 6 years diploma holder would be the Apocalypse those crazy fundamentals are always praying for.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    You’re not allowed to point out the truth. It makes you a nazi. Only nazis don’t agree with everyone else and fall in line behind the new man of the year. Only nazis refuse to think how they are conditioned and told to.

    Obama won because God sent him down to fix the problems created entirely by George Bush. I know this because my internet and TV tells me so.


    mAgnUS BUTTfoorson: Sorry for doing that. Anyway the whole Iraq thing could been avoided if Clinton did his job right with Desert Storm in what ’92/’93 or if the UN had a backbone and did more then talk about the problem. The economy, part of the blame goes to people living way beyond their means and the CEO’s who gut their companies for personal gain. The whole thing is that this country is getting further and further away from the founding principles that made this a great country. What’s the saying “doing whats right is never easy’. But to bad people nowadays only want to take the easy way. Sad really.


    I am a Nazi. A half Jew Kraut Nazi.

    Herr Kommissar is my bitch.


    reboot: The voting machine thing happens on both side. If there were laws on those machines like the ones on the slot machines in Vegas then I’d by your theory. I’ve watched documentaries on those machines so I know about the underhanded things that go on.


    Puulaahi: If you looked at all the so called “news” channels what were they pushing? ‘History in the making’, ‘He’s going to make History’ or ‘Be a part of History in the making’. And don’t even try to say thats not what happened. I for one suggest that if you want to vote you should have to take a IQ test first. Or how about this don’t even put their names on the ballot. Just put what what each person supports.


    Systemdown83: Your guy lost. Need a tissue? I think you need a tissue. They don’t have IQ tests for Congressmen, so why in the hell would they do it for the small group of Americans that actually care enough to vote? That’s a rhetorical question by the way.

    I get my news from outside sources. so that argument is Fail. Go watch more documentaries…learn.

    dieAntagonista: Om Nom Nom


    Puulaahi: Wow, your memory is gone. I said I hated both sides. And don’t even get me started on that group who, by the way, had a worse approval rating then Former President Bush. All news is off. There is no way to get real information anyway unless you go dig it up yourself.


    Systemdown83: Well the Repubs and Pres crushed anything they tried to do. So wasn’t completely their fault. Plus it was a Democratic Congress only the past couple of years compared to the 8. Do the math. I am not a fan of either political group too. Unfortunately one or the other can win an election due to voter turnout.

    Yes, we all have the ability to see news as it happens. lol By digging it up you mean a news source. I also keep my news take to a minimum due to the predictability of the subject matter.Sorry were you saying something? Hockey is on.

    dieAntagonista: A raging half Jew Kraut Nazi babe!


    Puulaahi: You gave me the best title and om nom’d me within only 22 minutes. You must be some kind of professional.


    Systemdown83: one problem. Desert Storm was in 91 under George H. W. Bush, not Clinton.


    dieAntagonista: I am a professional gentleman in need of practice me lady.


    Puulaahi: A gentleman is what I prefer most certainly. I think I can handle it. And you can practice on me anytime.


    Haha no wait I shouldn’t have said that


    dieAntagonista: Um well a gentlemen remains quite? hahaha and wow.


    d3×73r: Thank you!

    For a second there I was asking myself, “Did I go crazy? I swore Operation: Desert Storm was the original President Bush.”

    Systemdown83: You FAIL so hard with that comment that you went back in time and slapped yourself on the ass with FAIL right after you were born. What I’m trying to say here, is that you FAILED.


    Paul_Is_Drunk: Ok, so I was wrong on that by one year. All I was trying to say in the beginning of this is that he was a good leader and that I support him. He was not the best leader but not the worst by any means.


    mAgnUS BUTTfoorson: umm didn’t god make george w bush president also?
    Systemdown83: good job informed citizen



    ok, I had this huge thing written, but I realize when people have made up their mind there is no way to even debate it. You two are inteligent individuals, and perhaps at another time we can discuss this.


    2 years

    August 1990 – February 1991.

    As for not the worst? Name one worse President. There is ONE President in our history that can be argued to have had a worst term in office, but I’m not going to give you his name, to see if you can even tell who I’m talking about, because you seem to be going more on personal opinion than facts.

    Hints: Not from the 21st Century, and surprisingly prescient given the current national narrative being played out.


    Drunkin: Don’t tease.

    What do you want to say?

    Plus, that’s not true. I, for one, am always open for debate and my opinion is constantly changed based on the information available. You got something?



    Bin Laden: Member of the Saudi Royal Family then reneged on the natural gas pipeline.

    Iraq: Rummy’s pal and ex-CIA employee that started his own camp runamuck (he DID wear the same brand of shoes as Bush though).

    Afghanistan: See Bin Laden entry. Also, the demise of opium trade under Bin and the collapse of the local economy and jeopardizing the WAR on drugs.

    Rest of the world: When one has pet names for leaders of other nations, well…

    Torture: Probably Dead-Eye-Dick’s idea plus it helps when you’ve been governor of a state that leads the country in executions.

    Economy: Failed oilman and Reganomics redux.

    Environment: Required government scientists to lie to the people. Deeply mired in big oil.

    Otherwise he was a good old Skull-n-Bones East coast transplant to Crawford Texas. Didn’t mean no harm…

    Just This Guy, You Know?

    Paul_Is_Drunk: Off the top of my head… Grover Cleveland.

    Also, if current commentary (not here) is any indication, I’m going to have to listen to the right wing pundits bitching for at least four years.

    Oy. Bush stole the election. Obama was elected just because people wanted to make history.

    Frankly, I’m tired of the whiners on both sides who perpetuate this vitriolic political blood feud. Guess what? The Democrats aren’t the anti-Christ, and neither are the Republicans. We got a lot of work to do, and it ain’t gonna get done with both sides pointing fingers at each other.



    Probably Herbie Hoover (The Hoovervilles and FDR’s new case load).


    Record Store Tough Guy: I hear Grover Cleveland for some reason.

    However, James Buchanan takes the cake. He thought that the secession of the southern states was illegal, but he also thought stopping it was illegal. He basically almost caused the country to split into two, because of his strong opinion.

    He also had a major financial problem during his term and once claimed “history will vindicate my memory.” Now… what other President claimed that?

    Then he was subsequently replaced by a charismatic lawman from Illinois who helped repair a divided nation. (I’m not saying I’m buying the hype, I’m just saying the similarity is creepy).

    Warren G. Harding gets picked on a lot for being bad as well, but aside from the Teapot Dome scandal (spelling/name?) he was a much better President that George W. Bush.


    Die Bush you arsehole DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alec Dalek

    Former President Dumbass – Worst President Ever!


    nyokki: JFK used to say that Buchanan was worst, until JFK spent some time in the Oval Office. After that, he said he refused to pass judgment. He said that no one else can ever know what it’s like to be behind that desk, to have the view of the field the president has, not even other presidents. He decided that it was impossible to judge.

    I doubt he meant that universally, though. If a president rounded up people and exterminated them a la the Holocaust, it’s probably a safe bet to judge them for it. But JFK was unwilling to condemn Buchanan for the Civil War, and I find that meaningful.


    mAgnUS BUTTfoorson:
    Nazis would have had order from the start and never let a failure like bush crap on the country
    And before you say anything, the only reason hitler stayed in power was buy removing voting

    youre so full of shit you fart instead of burping

    yeah, democracy just sucks

    *waves a little red flag with a hammer/scythe*



    Aw, did I hurt your feelings? I’d say I’m sorry but I hate to lie.



    And also, how retarded can one single person be.
    I was being sarcastic, you wiseguy.
    If I wasn’t at least sort of ok with you, I wouldn’t mention your name.

    I know you want me to be tortured, skinned alive, killed and then fabricated into soap, but it’s fine. I forgive you.
    At least I don’t blame you anymore.

    Do you get it now? Dummkopf.


    dieAntagonista: Kommissar is the new casemods. Congrats dude. I never thought this day day would happen. Life is amazing. It really is.

    Also dieA farts rainbows.DUH. It’s like a chick thing.



    Haha, almost. Ladies don’t fart at all. :p

    I saw a guy wearing a shirt with Hawaiian flowers today. It made me think of you. And then I giggled so he gave me a mean look but it was ok.


    You can be my Hitler and I can be your Nazi if you want.

    I just made that up. Man I’m such a dork. And I have alcohol flowing through my veins so don’t take anything too seriously.


    dieAntagonista: You are fun when you are drunk. lol

    That Nazi tole playing thing sounds cool even though I can’t think much of it cus your drunk.

    You giggled at some random dude wearing an aloha shirt cus of me. Thats awsome.Not the mean look part.


    Puulaahi: Haha nah. How do they say? Drunk people and children always tell the truth.

    Yea I don’t know either. Normally, people from the Internets don’t make me think of much but only this time!

    I am definitely hilarious when I’m drunk though.

    My friend invited me to this wine tasting thing, her family is kind of rich so they do that often. It was fun but then I went home. They noticed I was there only to get drunk.

    Austrian wine is awesome. I’d invite you to some wine tasting sometime.


    dieAntagonista: Sounds great.


    dieAntagonista: I am not worthy


    PrometheusUnbound: Not worthy of what? Clarify.


    I think President Bush should have gone through the crowd. Found that skinny dushbag and beaten him to death with the shoe he threw at him.

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