Scary Story with Picture

Scary Story with Picture

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    Not scary just creapy…and distirbing.

    @nobody knows: And easy to fabricate. Not saying it ain’t true (or being presented as true), just saying I could easily recreate the pic and then come up with a creepy story to complement it.

    But then, why let the truth get in the way of a good story, y’know?


    @nobody knows: I concur. Though I think it was disturbing rather then distirbing.


    You’re all wrong, it’s the boogey man! AHHHH!


    Pretty sure it’s distirbing.


    @nobody knows: As long as you’re sure then.

    @nobody knows: regardless, doesn’t the face kinda look like a puppet? I think that’s what makes it creepy. Sorta has that whole uncanny valley thing going on. In fact, I think it’d be creepier with just the photo and no context at all.

    teezy weezy

    Just bull shit.


    This story was made up for the internets to scare nubs and children.


    @lolcat: @teezy weezy: it doesnt stop it from being disturbing and distirbing.


    ok 2 things. A) this is creepy in he fact that i JUST SHOWED IT TO MY GIRLFRIEND 4 SECONDS BEFORE OPENING MCS.

    B) then WHO WAS PHONE?!?


    If the story is true… it’s possible that face is a hand with something in it, maybe the mother took a photo of her hand by mistake?


    @JamesTuskGeorge: I was unaware of the fact that hands often have orifices that seem to be filled with some white, black and varying colour spherical object. Mind you, the ‘cheek bone’ does look like the groove of a hand and what I assume to be the ear looks a lot like fingers. There may be some merit in your skepticism.

    Luke Magnifico

    Even if you cut out the story, and the kid.

    That is one fucking terrifying picture.


    Actually it could be a hand. Just draw an eye on your hand and the ear is the thumb.

    Luke Magnifico

    The eye is shining. If it was as simple as drawing an eye on your hand, then there was a hell of alot of thought put into it.

    And the fact still remains, whose hand is it? It’s clearly not the kid’s.


    This reminds me of a story I heard on the radio (creepy but fictional). A babysitter gets a check-up call from the parents she’s sitting for. She tells them she put their kid to bed a half-hour ago, but she doesn’t know how they could let their kid sleep with the life-sized clown sitting in the corner. The parents flip out and tell her to grab the kid and get out of the house…


    That doesn’t look at all like an elderly woman. It looks like a ventriloquist dummy, which of course are hell spawned abominations.


    Do my eyes deceive me, or do I see creepypasta?!


    this freaks the hell out of me… it better be true! Or I’m wasting a perfectly good freak out


    Wow…I had to look a second time to realize that it said “tuck” her son in…Damn 4chan…

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    could have been real scary…
    ITS Michael Jackson in the picture with the boy…


    now that sent shivers down my back. Excellent i like




    @Gouki4u: I laughed.


    @Sticky: Thank you.

    /x/ pulls one over on MCS.


    I thought it looked like the leperchaun


    …and my mom got scared
    She said ‘You’re movin’ with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air


    Scary yeah….. but I can’t shake the Hand idea now. the eye is too close to the edge of the head and the face looks too…. i dunno fake. Cartoonish.


    internet bonfire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    @Record Store Tough Guy: Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. The lines all seem wrong somehow for it to be a face…


    they look related…


    Steven Kind made millions of dollars off of weaker stories.


    wtf? who the hell typed that!! I meant Stephen King.

    Snarky Parker

    Even if this story is made up, I liked it. Sparks my imagination.


    I agree with puppet/dummy/doll believers, it looks creepy definitely!


    Aaaah… Teh famous Ventriloquist Dummy picture! Good times.


    Damn I use this creepypasta every so often in my travels. Nothing like leaving it in the middle of some asinine thread to throw things off topic.The first time I saw it it actually made me jump back in my chair.