Adios douchebag

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    thats what i imagined him saying as the helicopter took for andrews!


    Adios puta!


    Thanks Bush, for keeping America safe for the last 7 fucking years. God bless you.


    thanks Bush for keeping USA in war for most of those 7 years



    Someone’s got to do the dirty work, right. Might as well be the most awkward man in all of America.

    Who said villains have to make an intelligent impression anyway.


    Nah nah nah nah
    Nah nah nah nah
    Hey hey hey


    keeping america safe for the last 7 years. save of what, winning the favor of intelligent people?
    it can only get better after him.


    @arminoacid: You must be an avid Bush supporter.

    Alec Dalek

    Former president Dumbass kept America safe from science and reasoning. Of course you have to be a dumb fuck to think that’s safety. But a dumb fuck he was.



    Who is the dumb one: Bush for getting legally elected by the citizens of the USA, or the citizens of the USA for not having the balls to require minimal competence in a leader.

    Last time I read the constitution all that was required was nationality at birth and a minimum age.

    Bush should have been a wake up call to set standards for public servants.


    @ack: Indeed. Nations get the leaders they deserve.

    That being said, “At an end his reign is, and not soon enough it was.”

    Alec Dalek

    @HoChunk: Tell me about it. Up here in Canada, we have a cowardly Prime Minister douche that is a Bush wannabe. He’s only got a minority, but he got elected due to all the Americans that moved here during the Bush years.


    @ack: I think we needs standards for the ‘PUBLIC’ first, then the rest would sort itself out.


    Watching the inaugural ceremonies yesterday, I thought Obama’s speech would be the high point, but seeing Bush get on the helicopter and watching it fly away was so much sweeter!

    Alec Dalek

    @Annarchy: I totally jerked off to that.



    I didn’t get that excited, but, um…whatever gets you off, man.


    @Annarchy: Canadians ….



    Those damn Canadians again, eh?


    So how much of our taxpayers money went to that? Because that 30’s something,unemployed, “tagger” who threw up that slap “art” doesnt work for a living. He lets us do that. Vandalism is a crime…just ask the property owner who now has to pay to remove it.