Pretty Girl

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By way of Cody Weber, a magnificent photographer:

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    I don’t know what it is, but there is something creepy about these pictures. Like pedobear stuff, I don’t know.


    She’s not pretty, and she’s too fat too¶.


    @JamesTuskGeorge: Honestly? Are you for fucking real? Do you just want to start another hatefest?


    He’s using the newly adopted sarcasm mark 😛 –> ¶

    Luke Magnifico

    ¶And he’s totally doin’ it rite¶


    THERES A MARK FOR SARCASM!? Holy fuck. Glorius. Do elaborate.


    Also, if thats the case, hes horrible at sarcasm and should never try it again.


    It was adopted a couple of days ago while discussing some other image on the site.

    Gary Generic

    It actually means “this should be a new paragraph.”


    No, it just displays a line break (not the same as a paragraph).

    To MCS it’s the equivalent of using Bold and Italic tags in messages for displaying not-so-obvious sarcasm.

    Here’s the wrong way to use it:

    ¶Fuck you.¶


    This is awesome. Heres another wrong way to use it;
    She’s not pretty, and she’s too fat too¶.
    Im looking at you George and you Luke!

    Sarcasm is supposed to be mean, cruel and above all else, funny.


    supposed? no fail.


    Sarcasm notation aside, has anyone cruised through this guy’s site? Whether or not you can appreciate the back story accompanying his photos.. there’s some really good work in there.


    Cody Weber is an annoying, whinny, closet-gay who deserves nothing more than the absolute worst in life.

    Luke Magnifico

    @Tardex: How can I be doing it wrong!

    I invented it!


    My first thought on seeing the picture: “I didn’t know Lisa Loeb had a teenage daughter.”


    @LukeV1-5: You invented sarcasm or you invented “¶” as a representation of sarcasm on the interbutts?

    One is a fair claim, the other outrageous.

    Luke Magnifico

    I am indeed the savant behind ¶.

    You may feel awed now.


    Just because you invented it doesn’t mean I find it particularly useful, so I shalln’t be awed.


    Disregard that, I suck cocks ¶

    Luke Magnifico

    But Dreth

    You ¶totally don’t suck cocks¶

    That is how you use it, fool.


    @LukeV1-5: Errr, I thought dieA started that in response to my tirade on tall truck….

    Luke Magnifico

    Nah, we started it ages ago. I can’t even remember what the topic was about.


    I missed the party… again…

    However, I see the brilliance of the ¶.

    ¶ LukeV1-5 must be a smart feller.¶

    Luke Magnifico

    @ack: Aw, thanks, dude.

    I ¶totally value your opinion.¶


    I’m not gonna make my sentence all ugly by putting it on both sides.

    It’s not spanish. (¿Qué? ¡Eso mismo!)

    So fuck your… thing.

    If sarcasm is to be pointed out then you’re taking the fun out of it.


    @Exacerbate: I’m sorry? :<

    But you know, even though you obviously disagree with him on a lot of things or whatever, it’s undeniable that he takes gorgeous pictures. He’s incredibly talented.

    So just look at the pictures and enjoy what you see, you don’t have to ruin it by taking anything else into consideration.

    And also, he’s not a closet gay, he has a daughter, but even if he was, I don’t see the problem with that either.


    @dieAntagonista: I think his photos are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.


    @sylvanish: I’m glad you like them babe.


    i’m curious as to how to achieve the chemical wash (what it looks like to me) look of those photos



    That’s what I want to know also. A few people have asked the photographer to make a tutorial already. Here is his channel on Youtube in case he ever does it:

    It appears to be pretty damn easy, because he does it with a lot of his photos. Like you can see here on his Flickr:

    That’s really all I can do.