Car Accident (Woman Driver)

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British tourist hangs off cliff after crashing her car in Turkey…

If you understand Turkish (I\’m a little rusty), read more about it here:

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    before anyone asks, no. it will not take off.


    Women, hand over your keys.


    Pssh, if i found myself in this situation, it would be because I damn well earned it after some crazy high speed chase with colorful driving. I’d probably have climbed out and continued evading the police on foot across the roof tops already…


    sylvanish: haha

    Men are just as capable of being bad drivers as women are, and *some* women are just as capable of being kick ass drivers as *some* men are.

    I’ve only met a handful of guys who are actually good drivers in my opinion. The rest have been moderately better than most of my female friends but still not good enough for me to be willing to get back in the car as passenger with them.


    O, Hai! I has installded yor car Bridge for yu!


    Yo, I herd u liek driving ‘cross bridges, so check it, I made yo car into a bridge, so u always be crossing a bridge when u drive…

    Or not.

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