New Official Obama Portrait


Fuck, that is one sexy man.  Click through for larger sexiness.

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    Damn! Those are some big ass sound reflecting devices attached to his head!


    the stripes on the flag pin are diagonal.


    Luke Magnifico

    He got bigass ears so you know he hears what the people want like a fucking elephant president or some crazy shit I don’t know


    Mmm. Our new president is smart, sexy, in shape…I feel like I’m going to wake up on January 21st and find out it was all an elaborate hoax.


    : After the last 8 years I’d settle for a president that’s not COMPLETELY fucking incompetent and a total douchebag jackass cunt.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I like the pin on his lapel the best.

    He obviously has the integrity and strength to stick with his decisions and to run a country.


    I still laugh that everyone thinks this miracle man can fix everything. This is the jesus for people who don’t believe in Jesus.


    That is a perfect dimple in his double windsor knot.


    Digital bitches.


    5,500 jobs a day?


    @thatonejimguy: That is an optical illusion. Blow up the picture and you will see the strips are as they should be.

    No doubt this man has a task of historic proportions ahead of him. All we can do is offer our support and hope for the best at this point.

    tiki god

    hoping, man. that’s what we’re doing. not believing, but hoping, and watching closely to make sure they don’t fuck it up, or try to pull some underhanded bullshit, like what’s been going on for the last dozen years.


    @drew: Who exactly is “everyone”? I personally don’t think he’s a miracle man, but he’s better than any of the alternatives I have seen in a very long time. He’s got his head on straight, which is incredible. Obama can even pronounce “nuclear” correctly. I guess that’s a minor miracle in and of itself. He’s going to do his best to fix as much as he can, which includes cleaning up the clusterfucks that the current administration has left behind all over the world. If people treat him like a messiah, I say he deserves it when he starts walking… Read more »


    @Annarchy: It’s the clusterfucks of the past 60 years. Our cold war with the Soviets helped lead this country into debt as well. He’s going to spend money we don’t have just like any other executive jerkoff would, but probably not as much. We shall see indeed. I can just hope he lets his cabinet run the country. I don’t like Hilary, but I know she wouldn’t fuck shit up as much as the next politically motivated asshole.


    Good “before President” picture. Wonder what he’ll look like for his “after” shot.


    This is my homeboy.



    hooray! this was shot on a Canon.


    maybe back in the tree holding a banana?


    Pardon me, but I think you are mistaken. I believe those are sound *focusing* organs attached to his head, not sound *reflecting* devices…


    thatonejimguy had a good obs. The stripes on the flag pin are diagonal. What is that all about? Is he the king of some new country I didnt know about?
    Attempt at holding the office of the presidence = FAIL!!!


    @pointman_26: lrn2read. it’s already been addressed. it’s just a moire from the picture being smallified.