Gingerbread CPU

o207073.jpg (182 KB)

The fan is great.

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    I get no respect, I tell ya. I sent my wife to the store. I said “Sweety, go down to Radio Shack and get me a breadboard”. She comes home with this. No respect, I tell ya. No respect.


    The circuitry on the right looks like domo-kun.


    Who ate my cpu?


    @Puulaahi: Oh, oh, yeah the chocolaty block processor thingy…? Eeerrmmm…

    It’s there… Ah… Underneath the heatsink/fan…

    No, no, you don’t need take the heatsink off. It’s there. Honest. Trust me. 🙂


    So they are running triple CrossfireX? Where’s the bridge? I don’t see no northbridge either. I’m calling shenanigans.


    @frogurtx: Well clearly, since there is no bridge, so they cannot be video cards in SLI or Crossfire configuration. And the northbridge could be hiding behind that first card, next to the Ram…

    But then again, we are clearly looking at some very advanced technology with a gingbread pcb and icing traces, who knows what kind of dastardly electronic confectionery wizardry might be going on here…