Calvin and Hobbes: Financial Crisis

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    I Tried to post this but it wouldn’t let me. Calvin Speakith the sad truth.


    @nyokki: Said the file was corrupted or something along those lines. Occasionally I get that. Dunno why.

    tiki god

    The mcs system detects homosexuality. I’m sorry for that 🙁


    Tiki is just upset the womenz lorv me and I love them. Also cus I have been on a roll finding dope picture. Wow a Hayden Panettiere acne commercial…Sorry lost my concentration there, what was I typing about? *shrug


    teh lolz, teh bewbz, and teh hayden p. ZOMG!


    Amazing how well he pegged it years ago.

    C&H was clearly ahead of its time. 🙂


    So brilliant. i had the original (out of the newspaper) hanging on my wall for years. But yeah, takes on a whole new meaning now.


    This would be absolutely hilarious if it weren’t so painfully true. Actually it still is funny. But also painfully true. Man, this sucks.


    sad how cartoons downplay reality to make it hurt life less

    this cartoon screams truth: corporations take crap and slap a high price on it and get pissed when we wont buy it, then asks the Govt to help them


    @KommissarKvC: I think these cartoons actually emphasize the nonsensical nature of reality.

    Sometimes I wish people would take humor more seriously… 😀