jackerman with Vamperiella

jackerman with Vamperiella

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    1. This picture is absolutely amazing and I don’t even know any of these people.

    2. outofocus says:

      I’m just waiting for some boys to come in and say that woman on the left is fat.

    3. @outofocus: It’s laughable isn’t it. Back then, women looked so awesome, sometimes it looks like they had a different shape than the women today. Like their hips were much wider, I’m not sure. I could use some more curves myself, but it must have been so nifty when the women looked like actual women.

    4. Goldfinger says:

      I like women with curves. And these two are really pretty.
      But have you noticed that the guy is wearing his pants up under his ankles?

    5. outofocus says:

      @dieAntagonista: I am built like the starlets from way back in the day. It is nice to have curves I guess, since the labor with my son was very short but I would rather need more curve than have ample curves (as I do now). Men in the US do not appreciate my build at all. I have friends who live in other countries who tell me I should come to where they are because I would be very popular. After all the years of brainwashing, I’m not sure I would ever really trust a guy was into my build even if I was dealing with another culture.

    6. joeyisapest says:

      girls should have bodies like a 10 year old boy…
      NOT!! (you see what i did there?, it’s like the 80’s again)

      those girls are delightful! a little bit of meat on the bones goes a long way.

    7. Goldfinger says:

      Yeah, I mean, who would want to lie on a bag full of antlers? Know what I mean? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more, say no more…

    8. MonkeyHitman says:

      as i always say “more cushion for the pushing”

    9. joeyisapest says:


      I bet you never ACTUALLY say that..
      admit it

    10. @outofocus: That’s amazing. I know there are still women who are built like that, but most starve themselves, or wear certain clothes to hide it. It’s very unfortunate, they’re the most fun to draw and look at. And your friends are completely right. Just in about any country where people aren’t too brainwashed by this pseudo pop culture, they will appreciate and admire women who aren’t built like little boys.

    11. nyoki says:

      @outofocus: Come to the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. They appreciate us here.

    12. outofocus says:

      @dieAntagonista: Yeah, I think my build is a bit more extreme. I was sick for awhile and lots a lot of weight. I got down to about 145lbs (which is “heavy” for a lot of women) and at that time all my ribs showed and my hips stuck out an inch further than my stomach when I laid down. I totally looked like I was dying but people would stop me and ask me if I was a model. This one guy walked up to me and said, “You are almost perfect. A chainsaw to those hips and you would be”.


      The female form varies *so much* from individual to individual. It seems very unhealthy to me that so many cultures have all these rules about what is “normal” or “acceptable”. Being healthy is far more important than fitting a mold.

    13. outofocus says:

      @nyokki: I’ll keep that in mind after I set my neighbors on fire and need a new identity and place to live. 😉

    14. Drunkin says:

      I liked it better when i thought you womanz were dudes, and were just kinda on the feminin side. Now I have to go back and re read every comment and see if there weren’t any hidden brain washing messages.

    15. MonkeyHitman says:

      @joeyisapest: not for obese of course but I’m alright with some skin .. if i see ribs that’s a no-no

    16. nyoki says:

      @Drunkin: Hahah, who among us did you think were effeminate males?

    17. joeyisapest says:

      Hello ladies 😉 i used to think you were dudes…

    18. TheLotusEater725 says:

      I really wish more women looked like them. I’m so sick of seeing women who are stick thin with huge boobs. Weight has never really meant anything to me i guess, all i really care about is proportions. I don’t mind a little meat or even an extra helping of meat but as long as she is proportionate or healthy looking i could care less. Like plus sized models for example, most of them are more beautiful than “regular” models.

    19. outofocus says:

      @thelotuseater725: I have noticed that a lot of the plus size models have really beautiful faces that need less make up or filtering than the regular models. I used to think I was given great skin because everything else wasn’t so much. haha.

    20. outofocus says:

      @nyokki: Obviously all the females who sound like they have brains. :p Because you know, women aren’t really people. They don’t have senses of humor or an ability to really grasp things.


    21. TheLotusEater725 says:


      Im mostly a face guy myself. there has been plenty of times when i saw a “fat” chick and thought she was smoking hot because she had a really pretty face. My sophmore year spanish teacher was like that. She was a corpulent woman; i mean she was technically obese but it didn’t really matter. her hips and boobs were proportioned well with each other. She had a gut but it wasn’t a nasty looking one that made her figure one uniform shape or protrude in a manner that was unflattering to the rest of her corpulence. I thought she was hot as hell and everyone looked at me like i was crazy. Even when she was 8 months pregnant she still had a great figure; by my standards at least.

    22. nyoki says:

      @outofocus: I don’t understand. ;<)

    23. Ando says:

      That chick is fat. She’s gross.
      Fuckoff with the boring diatribes on models being too thin. Get into a gym and work off the lard.
      You’re talking one extreme to another. The area you’re looking for is the one that takes effort.
      That fat pig is 40lbs too heavy at least.
      That’s sexy. And healthy. Argument over.

    24. outofocus says:

      @Ando: The cut and pastes are booooring.

      @nyokki: :p

      @thelotuseater725: I totally get that. I have a weakness for high levels of intelligence. I’ve had some “ugly” boyfriends over the years whose brains were nom nom.

    25. Luke Magnifico says:

      Yes, brains are delicious.

    26. MonkeyHitman says:

      DIE ZOMBIES !!!! *pulls out MG42* brain eating monsters !!!

    27. SumoSnipe says:

      @ColombianMonkey: Deploy the sledghammers….but dammit I can’t smash the cute ones!
      @outofocus: Brains+sense of humor+curves?Oh, yeah. @nyokki: I wanna face outofocus in the ring please.

    28. MonkeyHitman says:

      @SumoSnipe: you forgot the “=”.

      In other News: what if there all cute? *frown*

      Cute Zombies + (ColombianMonkey x SumoSnipe) = Zombie Spanking?!

    29. becauseofoz says:

      @dieAntagonista: Yeh. I noticed the same thing too.

    30. outofocus says:

      Speaking of cute zombies…

      Zombie Car Wash (my favorite youtube video ever, i love this song)

      Zombie stripper!

    31. Phyreblade says:

      I ain’t sayin’ nuthin’. ‘Cept maybe to apologize to outofocus on behalf of the rather large proportion of my idiot fellow American men for thinking it’s OK to denigrate you on account of their ignorance and inability to see beyond their own personal ideals of female perfection.



    32. Phyreblade says:

      O hai! I can has rescue? 🙂

    33. Phyreblade says:

      Dagnabbit, wrong thread…

    34. outofocus says:

      @Phyreblade: Well thanks.

      In a way, it’s a good thing. It’s an effective filter for getting rid of the really shallow and moronic males who are too soft minded to pay attention to reality. But there are disadvantages too… I won’t get into those.

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