Daniel Craig Running Up Stairs

Daniel Craig Running Up Stairs

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    I see no stairs.




    bright green

    Daniel Craig ruining Bond series.


    @bright green: Haven’t made up my mind yet, about him.


    Poor trigger discipline.


    its a bridge methinks


    @bright green: Ruining the Bond series? Yeah, like Timothy Dalton didn’t do that already, followed by the Pierce Brosnan cartoons masquerading as Bond movies. An invisible car? REALLY?


    While I very much like Sean Connery. I do like Daniel Craig; He’s the most physically fit Bond and is able to suspend my belief, to the point, that it appears that a person really can do all that stuff.

    Unfortunately, Quantum of Solice seemed more like a string of action vignettes than a concise movie plot.

    tiki god

    @wookie_x: You know what? fuck you for your ignorance. What you’re referring to is called Active Camouflage and is a very real thing. Bond has always been about cheesy jokes and only slightly plausible tech gadgets (hello rocket pack?) Daniel Craig is by far the worse Bond yet, but it’s really not his fault, he’s been stuck with a shitty reimagining of the series. Someone saw that Bourne movies and thought ‘hey, this is what Bond should be’ and promptly threw out decades of history and tradition to come up with some cock slapping bullshit relaunch that’s nothing more then… Read more »


    @tiki gog
    Fuck you.


    I agree with Tiki God here. I want James Bond like in the Goldeneye 64 game, watch laser, tanks, sex.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Daniel Craig = best Bond ever.

    Without Casino Royale Bond would have died. Truth.

    Dose of reality was necessary.

    Casino Royale was more true to the books than any other Bond movie ever.

    Bourne was very French Connection. It’s returning to when things were right. Which is quite welcome. It’s weird that people conditioned with wrong are adamant defenders of total shit shit shit.

    tiki god

    @Moebius2961: no bob. fuck you bob. @Sarcastastic: lasers and bombs and christmas only coming once a year! @mAgnUS BUTTfoorson: bond was just fine before this shit. Casino Royale took the books, bent them over and raped them without lube. it was terrible. who the fuck cares about a fucking card game, and the car that save bond’s life because it just happened to ahve the antidote to the poison that he DRANK?! James Bond should not be like the French Connection. it’s never been like that, and until these last couple films it had it’s own flavor and feel. Now… Read more »


    @tiki god: You act as if I just took a shit in your Cheerios, dude! Relax. First, it’s only a fucking MOVIE. Second, I never claimed to like Daniel Craig, so your li’l rant there is wasted. I’ll say it again….JAMES BOND HAS BEEN RUINED SINCE TIMOTHY DALTON AND HIS PUSSIFIED VERSION OF JAMES BOND. Is that clear enough for you? Sean Connery and Roger Moore are the only Bonds worth a shit in my book, and if you don’t like that, you can go fuck yourself.


    personally, I think the new James Bond is a different Bond from he is supposed to be, but not neccesarily for the better. I’m kinda with Tiki on this, the cheesy lines, the cool gadgets, the sweet cars, that’s what made 007 cool. there were some folks that didn’t play him as well as others, but at least they kept to the character and the spirit of who James bond was. Casino Royal, and QoS they totally killed the very things that made Bond 007. Not that they weren’t good action flicks, but we already have The Bourne Fragifications, we… Read more »

    teezy weezy

    James Bond + Jason Bourne = James Bourn, none of the gadgets or wise cracks, he’s not the lone fighting machine as he has the backing of MI6 but its a post credit crunch MI6 so he has no gadgets apart from a mobile phone…

    Nice idea but bring on the exploding cufflinks please.