Merry Capitalism

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And a prosperous New Year!

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    meh. all the more reason people should stick to Happy Holidays instead of assuming everyone is a santa clause and tinsel junkie. 😛

    Fuck ‘Christ’mas.

    Luke Magnifico

    Fuck you.

    I like Santa. I like all that fuckin’ tinsel shit, and I don’t fucking care if you fucking don’t. Either I wish you a merry Christmas, or I kill you in the face with a hatchet. Do you want that?

    Mery fucking Christmas, I hope Jesus Claus comes and puts some tinsel-turkey in your festive stocking of Christmas joy.

    Now be quiet.


    LukeV1-5: No more sugar for you mister.

    Luke Magnifico

    dieAntagonista: Hey

    Do you want to be wished a merry Christmas too?

    I’ll do it, you know I will.

    I’m a man on the edge.


    Cool! We can finally call this season what it is. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go be a good consumer…


    LukeV1-5: I dare you.

    And yea I know. Chuck Norris can smell your fear, he just told me about it.


    LukeV1-5: Please don’t hurt me…I love Christmas…really…Please…ohhhh…nooooo…

    Luke Magnifico

    dieAntagonista: Oh yes?

    I hope your Christmas is incredibly festive, and infested with glitter.

    I could get to like this job, spreading Christmas cheer through violence and intimidation..

    Luke Magnifico

    Also, I hope everyone bought each other audaciously priced useless novelty gifts.

    Because otherwise what’s the point.


    LukeV1-5: Oh yeah?

    Well that sure wasn’t as hardcore as I imagined it to be.

    Right back at you, you insensitive anti hero.