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    I’d buy that shirt.


    Lulz were had at Sexist.


    I lol’d.


    Ah, Communism….such a good idea, in theory.


    vincent_kahrune: I know right.

    The nihilist one is bullshit though.


    dieAntagonista: I’ve been accused of being nihilistic and in a very narrow way, I guess it’s true. Oh well, doesn’t matter.


    I’d like it better with: The Engineer – “This glass is twice as big as it needs to be.”


    nyokki: What? For real? You’re the least person who appears to be nihilistic in any way. I can only imagine what strange people must have told you that. They must have mistaken your contentedness, and balanced way of thinking (unlike me) with nihilistic ways.
    And what I meant is, the way nihilism is described in the picture isn’t true. That’s not what it’s all about.
    On the other hand, a little bit of nihilism is healthy. Caring too much about anything makes you sick.


    dieAntagonista: Yeah, I know. It happens when I get into serious philosophical arguments. When pushed, I just seem to refuse to give credence to any kind of objective morality. While I don’t necessarily think that’s true, it is what I can say w/ a fair amount of philosophical certainty.


    Spanny: Lol, that was a good one.


    nyokki: I hear you. Yeah philosophy, oh my, I could argue about it for hours with people. I mean ok, there are 6 billion different opinions on it out there. At least it never gets boring. (:


    Are you being Nihilistic or Pessimistic?


    How about the statistician: the glass is sharply divided with 50% air and 50% water.


    The person who wrote this has pessimistically re-interpretted nihlism. Just because you don’t believe there is a “moral goal” to life or any NEED to worship some invisble being does NOT mean you don’t believe in existence. That’s retarded. 😛

    Water is just water. Nihlism never said “I don’t exist and neither does the world.” Nihlism said “I don’t need to know where this glass came from, nor do I feel compelled to thank the imagined water bearer.”


    ack: Haha, it’s what I like to call encouraging pessimism 😉

    CathyLong: Once again, I agree with you exactly.


    TGGeko: True if you’re using discrete functions, otherwise it would be approaching 50% w/ an error of <01%.


    TGGeko: You can’t go by Nyoki’s math. Trust me on this. She once spent a week trying to convince us that 1+3=0.


    the3g_ipwn: But it does…wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


    How about ‘Normal person-It’s just a half a fucking glass of…”

    Really though, I chuckled.