2 dads

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    Sock it to ’em!


    Worry about your god damn grammar first.

    And your head looks like corn beef.


    Dreth: No.


    Jesus didn’t have two daddies, he had one biological dad, one step dad, and one mother. Not even the same thing as what the kid’s sign implies. God and Joseph were NOT a couple. 🙂


    NoOneInParticular: The point, you missed it.
    Besides, the bible says Jesus was a son of a bitch, if we wanna be accurate, yes?
    They could have also written:”Two men can still be potentially better parents than irrational close-minded assholes like you. Their marriage would have absolutely no impact on your life but would make ours a little easier.”
    But what homophobe would take the time to read such a huge sign.


    None of them.

    The only thing this sign forgot to take into account was the fact that most homophobic people have no sense of humor and will get all uppity if you even insinuate that the Xian mythos has plot holes. 🙂


    CathyLong: True that.


    dieAntagonista: You’re completely off your rocker. I have nothing at all against homosexuals. I’d have criticized ANYONE holding a sign that was that factually incorrect. The analogy the kid was trying to make was flawed – which I pointed out. I don’t care if the kid DOES want two daddies… let him! His sign still sucks and doesn’t help his case. 😛

    And no, the Bible DOESN’T say Jesus was a son of a bitch. You clearly need to read the Bible more. Your attempt to make me look bad has only made YOU look like the irrational half-wit you usually are in these type of debates. I notice you couldn’t argue with my point, so you tried to slander me personally instead. Just proves my point. You don’t help homosexuals by making their supporters look like obnoxious idiots. Which makes me suspect you DON’T support them, you just pretend to while making all true supporters look bad.


    Not to be pedantic, but technically, if this kid actually believed everything the Bible said, it would be quite clear that *everyone* actually already has two daddies…


    Haha aw you’re cute. Guess what, the harsh part of my comment wasn’t directed at you. And I didn’t claim that you’re being homophobic in any way. So the only one insulting and personally attacking here is you.
    I never claimed to stand for everyone so I’m not making anyone look bad, nice try though.

    I studied the bible probably more than you have, in more languages than you ever will. I’m not the only one thinking that about the Jesus bitch comment. To the people back then, Mary was indeed a bitch, like it or not.

    So I was merely pointing out that the sign does its job and it’s not harming anyone by not being 100% accurate.
    I hope you didn’t get too excited that I replied to you 😉


    dieAntagonista: YAY!! You responded!! My day is made! 🙂

    Seriously dude, you may have STUDIED, but you clearly failed your class. You clearly also failed English class if you think your insults were directed at someone else. The composition of the paragraph doesn’t allow that interpretation.

    Maybe you MEANT to direct your insults at someone else, but since you’re clearly illiterate, you took offense at my response to your insults. If you wish to avoid future embarrassment over your poor writing skills, please take some more classes, and pay attention this time. 😉



    I didn’t mean to insult anyone. But you keep insulting me even though I’ve already stated that my harsh comment wasn’t directed at you. Honestly I don’t understand what you’re trying to achieve when you say I’m illiterate. I’m well read, I speak 4 languages and counting. Do you really think that a little misunderstanding in the comments on a website is enough to claim I’m illiterate?

    Yes the composition of that paragraph was a little awkward and I was aware of that when I reread my posted comment. But I didn’t expect anyone to take it that seriously. Well you did. And I explained myself. And even after I clarified that I didn’t mean to insult you, you keep insulting me.
    Again, thanks for being so understanding and doing exactly what you have accused me of having done.


    We need post splitters.


    Post splitters would help me with my blood pressure for sure.


    dieAntagonista: I wonder if it works here.

    Yes or no?


    Nope…oh well.


    CathyLong: dieAntagonista: NoOneInParticular:

    true, the Bible DOESN’T say Jesus was a son of a bitch, just says Madonna loved buttsecks


    kinda funny that religion tends to be against adultery, but when you think about it, Mary was already married to joseph, and she got pregnant to someone else after already being married

    thats adultery right there


    KommissarKvC: Actually, the act of adultery, in the religious context, refers more to the act of betrayal, rather and simply getting pregnant.

    In other words, Mary would have had to have gone out and engaged in “sexual congress” with another man, in order for her to have committed adultery.

    In this respect, Mary was considered still pure, as her conception was “immaculate”. IE There was no physical sex, nor betrayal of her betrothed, involved in her pregnancy.


    Phyreblade: Says she. I’d like to have a little talk w/ Gabriel.


    nyokki: ROFL… You suspect hanky panky? From all accounts, Gabriel was indeed quite the dashing one…

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