no sex – no aids

no sex - no aids

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    The Church should fuck off with their idiotic stance on condoms and let Africas have them.


    So the catholic church is preventing the distribution condoms in Africa? I think there are other issues at play here

    Dont get me wrong, I think the RCC is pretty fucked up. But if your gonna hate a group, hate em for the right reasons.

    And my dirty heroin needles would like a word with this pic.


    Convincing people to stop having sex is impossible, so let’s explore other options, shall we?

    Distribution of birth control and education of the public is a good start.


    Giving drugs to ease the epidemic helps too. Saw a show recently showing that in places things are starting to change but still needs a lot of work.


    No sex, no kids.


    HIV is totally unrelated to AIDS AIDS comes in two forms, both are covert biowarfe agents meant to target homosexuals in America and Blacks in Africa for eugencis. The African strain aparently effects men and women alike. While the American version mostly effects men. Both are most likely contracted from immuniztions and vacinations or the treatment for those diagnosed with AIDS. The guy who just happen to discover HIV said it’s the cause of cancer, but it wasn’t and then he said it’s the cause of AIDS and people believe him. Reminds me of the time the Zionists said in… Read more »


    The sex is a lie.


    Where does it say that this was created by the catholic church? It doesn’t even look like a propaganda poster. There’s no logos from groups or organizations. It looks like some pissed off atheistfag made a crappy “look at how crazy the christians are” photoshop. And before you get your panties soaked in piss i know that the catholic church and various christian factions support an abstinence only position.

    Also 28 million people? That’s it? There’s 6,706,992,932 people in the world as of july 08.That means 0.417474 % of the world. is infected with aids.


    @thelotuseater725: Congradulations on learning how to use your Fisher Price Calculator. Now leave the debating to the adults, dear.


    @Corman: Yet his point is still a sound and valid piece of info very appropriate to this topic. 0.4% is practically negligible in terms of risk. Especially if you happen to actually take time to get to know your sex partners beforehand.

    But good job on using a childish insult to display your “adulthood”, dear.


    I read an article recently in the BBC that said that people in Africa are using the AIDS drugs to get high instead of treating the AIDS.

    Yeah, condoms just aren’t going to solve the problem.


    @Corman: I can actually articulate a come back that doesn’t sound like it was written by a fired SNL writer. Also what debate is going on? All i see is assumptions about it’s origins and Evil Illuminati constructing a killer troll. So yeah, fuck you buddy.



    You meant, 38 million people and ~0.5665728%.


    Practically negligible? So, if a couple of planes flew into a couple of buildings and killed 2792 of 301,139,947 Americans that would be even less negligible? = 0.000927143%


    No sex, no Jesus.

    What? Are you really buy that virgin story?


    @stavross: I stand corrected. And wtf? Did you seriously just compare AIDS to 9/11? 9/11 is completely different from a horrible but relatively livable disease. 9/11 was horrible because it was a deliberate act of war/attack on the american government and people. It wasn’t some random incurable disease that was discovered over 20 years ago. It’s sad that people die from it -nobody is saying it isn’t a problem- but it is hardly a pandemic that is killing off scores of people at an unprecedented rate. I mean it isn’t some bullshit hype like birdflu or sars. But we don’t… Read more »

    tiki god


    psh, obviously you’re an idiot, cause everyone knows that the government is responsible for both 9/11 and AIDs.



    i’d hit the lock


    I thought the cure for AIDS was a simple injection of $180,000? Whats all the fuss about?


    @EVIL ILLUMINATI: I agree with you. Except for the Zionist part. Yes there are and have been Zionists who are pretty radical, but the things you said are far from the truth. And I say this as someone who grew up in Austria in a town only 300 feet far away from some of the gas chambers the Nazis used. They’re still there you know. (the gas chambers not the Nazis, at least not that many of them anyway) But you’re completely right about aids. Yes there is a disease that we don’t know how to cure yet, but it’s… Read more »


    Oh man. Unprotected sex is like nothing else…


    HIV/AIDS research is important for at least one reason: How it works. We still can’t quite get a handle on how it hides from us or how it changes what it does to the human body. AIDS gets noticed because of how the people w/ it were treated. For years the gov’t totally ignored on the premise that it was a gay disease and the people who got it deserved it. Hemophiliacs were the first group that could be said to be innocent collateral damage. We treat a group badly, then we try to make up for it by over-compensating.… Read more »


    @nyokki: Yeah aids research is important. But only if they actually use the money for research. There is little evidence to support that though. A big part of that money is just being used for the production of more useless drugs.
    And again, I can’t stress this enough, we don’t know more about it now then we did back then when it was first discovered. Doesn’t that strike you as a little strange?

    Ant this whole gay sex is the cause and whatnot bullshit, is yes, the most ridiculous shit.


    @dieAntagonista: HIV/AIDS is a tough nut. As Nyokki pointed out, it is one of the few diseases whose operating mechanisms has been notoriously difficult to pin down. There is not a single cure or vaccine that has worked since it’s discovery. But we do actually know more about it now than we did back int the 80’s. However most pharmaceutical companies are loathe to pour billions in research into something that is still relatively poorly understood, has a long track record of failures and still does not even have a single good solution in sight. And given that they can… Read more »


    @stavross: Absolutely. That SHOULD have been negligible. More people than that die every single day and that tiny number was NOT worthy of the wars they started. The U.S. had a chance to prove their maturity back then, and simply fix the holes in their defense system, while impressing the world by turning the other proverbial cheek. Instead they proved what childish bullies they still are by inflicting FAR worse damage and death on FAR more innocent people in Afghanistan. Mind you I don’t see how anyone can still believe 9/11 wasn’t a self-inflicted excuse scheme. Regardless, harboring terrorists doesn’t… Read more »


    (and it’s even *more* negligible, not less)

    bright green



    I say dont try and interfere with africa, just let them do what they do, and if they die, they die
    its called Natural Selection

    get to know your sex partners beforehand?
    that just kills friday and saturday nights out at the clubs to get lucky, so many people will love your idea

    that episode of south park was funny as hell!!!

    Sylvanish, MCS supports your statement of fighting terrorism with better funed terrorism:×500.jpg